Bale / Ronaldo

  • Surely with Ronaldo going to Juve which seems a very real possibility it will be great news for Bale.

    You would think they will just slot him straight into the team.

  • If any1 truly believes Ronaldo is going to Juve, they must be delusional lol

  • A big chunk of bales value is tied in to a potential move to england particularly united. So whilst this may be good news for bale it would probably be bad news for bale owners FI wise.

    Not that it will happen.

  • Why would Ronaldo go to Juve?

  • @Muz having the "2 years in prison" sentence may have affected his a little. If he breaks any law inadvertently or otherwise he would likely face prison next time. Given the option I'd prefer to live somewhere where I didn't feel like I was on a suspended sentence. The pressure will heat up for his position, rumours of Neymar joining which would take his limelight, Zidane leaving who was very pro Ronaldo and the uncertainty of the new manager joining may put his place at risk, expectation levels extremely high from Real fans if he has another drought, he didn't enjoy the pressure last time. And I guess when you've been at the same place for 9 going on 10 years, a change would certainly be something to consider

  • If I was Real Madrid I couldn't get him out the door quick enough

    88m for a 33 year old! Juve must be mad don't care how good he is.

  • @Comrade -They would probably make half of that back in shirt sales alone!!

  • @JoJo
    I must be delusional then lol.

  • @Comrade defo a big slice of humble pie i had to swallow on this 1. Sure what the hell would i know anyway lmao

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