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  • Hi I just signed up to football index today only adding £10 which I have now realised wont get me too far. I am willing to add some more money but was a bit confused. With my £10 I bought a player for 0.60p and he rose to 0.62p where I sold him. Just say I was to add £100 and buy 150 of this player I would only make £3 back. I understand players can increase by more than 2p but even then the profits seem quite small and I feel like I'm missing a trick. I also get that quite a bit of the money comes from dividends but are most transactions marginal profits like this? Appreciate any replies thanks!

  • You get charged 2% commission on every sale so be mindful of that if your selling

  • Ok thanks for the heads up! Am I right about everything else the website works? Is it essentially the more you put in the more you get out? Thanks again

  • Depends on who you are investing in.

    I'm not a big player.
    Currently 50 quid up on what I started with on 27th March

  • Ok thanks again for the help

  • @NewUser155092 It takes patience. Occasionally you will see a big rise soon after you buy a player (if you're one of the first to hear a transfer rumour to Man U for example), but usually you have to predict where money is about to go in the coming days/weeks/months. Not worth trying to take profit from a 2p rise as commission will wipe it out. If you only have a small portfolio don't worry, you can make the same percentage gains as anyone else! There's an FAQ thread here somewhere you may find useful :)

  • @BL__FI Thanks man!

  • @NewUser155092
    It’s not like betting where you can get great payouts, FI is a game of patience where the gains are made on both price increases and dividends
    It feels more like an investment although it is gambling
    I have personally just hit 50% profits in less than 9 months, yes you could have made that on a 1/2 bet however if you lost that you would be left with nothing whilst when you lose out on trades here you just lose a small % and can then reinvest what’s left
    Hope it makes sense?

  • Yeah I'm 55% up on my original investment in 6months which I'm led to believe is pretty good. It won't make you a millionaire overnight so be ready for a long term game here. If you've only got a tenner in and you're wondering about a 2p rise and if it's the norm then I recommend you don't invest more just now, keep the tenner in and anyone you're considering buying, only buy 1 share of every player and mess around for a bit. See what makes players prices move up and down and how and when dividends are paid out. Once you feel more confident in your knowledge then put more in. That's the best advice I could give you.

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