• 1/3 to join Juventus this window. If it happened how would this affect the market do people think? Room for Asensio/Isco or the like to step up at Real or will they sign another player to replace the lost goals? PB dividends in Italy harder to come by than in Spain?

    Of course it might not happen and there's rumours every summer about him, if you think it's bobbins then there's 11/4 available that he stays which would be a massive return!

  • What site can you get those odds on?

  • I sold my shares in Ronaldo prior to the WC (making a few quid on each) but ended up buying a few back to hop on a bit of buzz during the tournament.... On hearing the Juve news I sold them at a small loss which was evened up by a few MB's but have always had that.. do i? don't i? situation with him???

    His age puts me off massively, he can't keep going on and we've all seen Zlatan drop from nearly £5 to 25p in just over a year so their is risk involved because of this.... IF Ronny moves to Juve could this be the end of him??? Or could Italian football suit him more with 2/3 years at the top scoring goals in a slower less demanding league??

    What does everyone reckon?? I know we've had this discussion before but his situation is ever changing and he keeps on defying as he's still obviously at the top of his game. Will a move to Juve see his value go up? or down?

  • Personally I think up. He'll be the big fish in a smaller pond. Yes his age does need to be taken into account, be he's easily got 2 more seasons in him at least barring injury, and his injury record is exemplary

  • @dannypea

    When Mbappe scored against Argentina I thought he looked lightening quick. However according to Ben Dinnery, Ronaldo has clocked a faster sprint time than even Mbappe during this tournament. Not bad for a player that's passed it. I look at biological age rather than chronological age anytime

    Zlatan moved to america aged 36. Ronaldo is gonna be in a pb league Spain or maybe Italy aged 33. Big difference between the 2 situations

  • @Mr-Matt

    Was that with the ball or near it, or chasing something a long way away?, there is a difference.
    I do remember a sprint from Ronaldo in the Uraguay game and it was that kind of situation and Ronaldo look like lightening but he was miles from the ball.

  • Ronny would destroy Serie A and clean up on PB, and MB is a given. He's not the player he was but that isn't to say he's declining, just adapting. If anything he's now a number 9 who has an unreal number of touches and passes, which is PB gold.

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