Salah Yay or Nay

  • I don't currently hold Salah.

    I can't get my head around whether he's worth the £8.40 investment if I was planning on holding indefinitely.

    Everyone's thoughts and opinions welcome.

  • It's wait and see for me. I don't see him getting loads of media over the summer now he's signed a new contract. He may start racking up the PB when the season starts but I think there'll be time to assess, may be wrong of course!

  • Unless he does something naughty and gets in trouble unlikely to feature in media. Starts the season well his price is justified, goal drought then he may well be a one season wonder kid.......who knows?

  • I don't expect much return from dividends now until the season starts, but that said his price is very low in my opinion.

    If think his price will be around £10 by September. That said, not much profit on the capital even if he does reach £10. He has to deliver on the dividends and I think he will. Not convinced he's a one season wonder. He was class in Italy as well

  • @FootyIndexerLT said in Salah Yay or Nay:

    Everyone's thoughts and opinions welcome.

    Even mine?

    I think salah is dogshite.

    I jest ...

    yeah go ahead and invest. Can't see him being a one season wonder and I believe Liverpool have strengthened and will perform more consistently in the league, with salah being the driving force.

    His price might dip a little prior to the season starting, but after that, he's gonna be up near 10 quid, with regular dividend returns.

  • his media dividends last season were practically every day ....i agree that he will be a £10 player atleast next season

  • With kieta and fabhino now on board and more to come from firmino and mane i dont think he will hit PB enough to satisfy investing in him now.Cant see him figuring on MB as much this season.

  • @Chewbacker I believe these players will enhance his game

  • He was good in Italy, he was excellent last season. He showed his ability and scored for Egypt coming back from injury, Liverpool have improved their team and he's only just turned 26! I can only see him doing very well again next season. I'm buying the dip and expect him to have another solid season next season. MB I anticipate to be strong again as the papers like liverpool and Salah will score goals for sure. PB I hope he gets a bit more this season.

    I've been playing the index everyday for nearly a year now and one pattern I've noticed is real quality always rises to the top. Defo buy and hold player for me

  • @Mr-Matt They may enhance the team but i believe there performances will ultimately detract from salah's PB.Last season he was the leading light for the side.This season he will have bigger players competing for there prowess within the team.I think liverpool have a greater spread of goals accross there team this season.IMO

  • @Chewbacker Interesting perspective. My thoughts are they may reduce his pb scores for passes etc but I think more likely they will work the team around him. Whatever happens, I firmly believe the stronger team will enhance his ability to score goals which is what gets him the MB. I buy Salah for mb, if he gets pb it's a bonus and I suspect his pb wins will enhance slightly this season too. Let's see what transpires!

  • @Chewbacker

    That’s what I was thinking.

    They need to be a bit more solid which means more defensive also imo.

  • @john haha of course mate! Andre Gomes price spike after strong links with Arsenal...another spike and I'll offload for a healthy profit ;)

    I appreciate all the feedback - I back Salah - I don't think he'll be a one hit wonder and I think the media like his nice guy persona.

    I'm going to invest and hold - he is fairly volatile but I think he's currently at a good price 👍🏽

    Anyone with the views that the money is better spent elsewhere?bolded text

  • @FootyIndexerLT I think the only thing stopping him from being as high priced as Neymar is everyone's lack of faith in his consistency. If he starts the season strong with PB he'll shoot up as trader confidence goes up. I think he'll have a other stellar season, his style of play will allow for high PB scores and and the new players Liverpool have signed are very good but not necessarily as strong for PB so I expect him to be their leading player again by a mile in FI terms.

  • All these mentions of the new signings. They’re a different category, they’re not goal scoring midfielders. They’ll only enhance and strengthen Salah’s game. Last season when Liverpool did well (the odd game he didn’t contribute), he still got mentions because of Liverpool doing well. In the odd occasion someone like Keita scores, it would still be ‘Salah leads the line as Liverpool win’. For me it’s a ‘yay’. But he’s so expensive that it’s hard to get many on a limited budget. Personally a no brainer for dividends next season though

  • 100% and now's the time to buy!

  • I sold up pre world cup and expect his price to continue to drop until the start of the season to around the £6 mark. He has signed a long term contract so don't expect much transfer speculation. Egypt are out of the world cup, so don't expect much MB till start of the season, Liverpool now have Keita and Fabinho and may well end up in further transfer speculation to strengthen also....

    One to look at close pre season if his price drops imo..........

  • @TheFearlessFox no way will he drop to £6 unless some super negative news happens. He'll stay pretty much the same or possibly rise as many traders will skip the transfer season and drop their money into next season players. Next season is not too many weeks away now!

  • @TheFearlessFox
    His price has risen since signing a new contact...

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