Hardest To Easiest PB leagues

  • I think most will agree (or maybe you don't) that the PL is hardest to win pb and Ligue 1 is the easiest but I'd be interested to hear opinions on how you'd order the rest of the leagues and why?

  • This really depends on what you mean by hardest to win pb the last time I did analysis on the leagues there were more winners from the prem than any other league

  • @Noirx4 that's interesting. What did your analysis come up with? My definition of hardest is quality of opposition are tougher to beat.

    For example, if we took the final standings of each of the 20 teams in the 2017/2018 season in the PL vs final standings in ligue 1 and each team played a competitive match, I suspect a bookie would give the most favourable odds to the pl teams by and large.

  • Check out @footballindexAS timeline on Twitter he has stats for this. To summarise:

    • The Prem and Serie A win most PB the latter because most games are on Sundays when there's less competition from the other PB leagues who play most games on Saturday

    • Next come La Liga and Ligue 1

    • The Bundesliga had the lowest PB returns

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