[Quick Survey] Expected positional PB wins 18/19

  • Looking for traders to quickly fill in this survey asking how many times you think the list of players will win PB (not star man) next season?

    Isco - 4? or 5?
    Neymar? 8? or 10?
    KDB? 0?

    Get your responses in and I'll share the results as soon as I have enough responses.



  • @NewUser87483 you've had my votes mate. One but of feedback it may be worth doing this in smaller chunks in the future as there were a loooot of players to get through. May have been good to have how many they achieved past year too :)

  • Still waiting for feedback on 10 questions about my trading style? What happened to those survey results?

  • @AT10 completely forgot about those! Will publish those soon as well.

  • Done mine. Only one player got 10 and tbh its highly unlikely, but it was Aubameyang! Can really see him bagging a lot of goals next year, but 10 is pushing it perhaps.

    Don't hold btw, held during his sharp rise last month and have sold now until closer to the season.

    KDB got a generous 2!

    Of the top boys - Messi and Neymar level scores, then Ronny. Griezmann and Dybala scored one point higher than Salah, but they'll return small amounts of MB in comparison. David Silva to win more than Mbappe (you'll conclude that I have assumed Neymar will stay, for simplicity sake if nothing else) but Eriksen to win more than both of them! Hazard is a meh, boring hold.

    That's my take anyway!

  • 97 responses.

    Will hopefully get something published tonight. Some really interesting expectations for next season.

  • Results are out - 100 responses & certainly some interesting expectations for each player: http://indexgain.co.uk/2018/07/07/survey-results-expected-performance-buzz-wins-18-19/

  • @NewUser87483
    KDB just won it twice in his last 2 games btw, think he’ll win a few next season
    No I didn’t take part in the survey and have no intention on doing so

  • @Ermejo I feel like he's won it due to limited games on the days he's playing. How often will that happen next season ? Can't see him winning it loads.

  • True that, however I personally think that would happen again a few times during the season as his scores are decent enough and city will play on different days as in not always on Saturday when there are 20+ eligible games
    I bought a few and except at least 3-4 PB wins from him next year, perhaps more if City go all the way in the CL, time will tell

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