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  • I'm new to this FI and trading small just to get into it

    Couple of questions

    What if you wish to pick an up coming player but he's not available on the search, is it just case of being patient until he's available.

    Is this really about high stakes to make any real money I ask as I'm just having a tickle with £100 and know I'm not gana be rich overnight, so is this app for high stakes for high dividends ?

  • There are 200 players in the first team, these are the players which you can buy futures in, the bottom two players (rank 200 and 199) will be religated each week on the friday (unless they are exempt from relegation by being recently promoted to the first team) all futures held in those players will be lost. However, 2 players from the "squad" will be promoted to the first team and you will be able to purchase futures in said players.. The two that get promoted from the squad to the first team are the ones who have gained the most positive votes from people. I'm assuming the "new upcoming players" which you wish to purchase will be in the squad but not in the first team as they may not have recieved enough positive votes to be promoted, although you could help them out by leaving them a positive vote and if the FI community share the same opinion that they may be the next big thing im sure they will be promoted to the first team eventually.

    As for the high stakes question, i guess its just the luck of the draw, lets say you want 100 futures in a player, lukaku for example, 100 futures would cost you £571, just because he is worth alot doesn't necessarily mean that he will make you money, if he is performing well then you may recieve dividends for his performance buzz, you may also receive media buzz from him, this is one way of making money from a player, although you must keep in mind that when it comes to selling that player, the sell price will be around 2.65% lower than what the buy price is, and on top of that, football index will take 2% of the transaction as a fee, so the sell price would be around £556, and the fee you would receive would be £544.88, which means you would be at a loss of £26.12. On the other hand, you could wish to buy lets say again 100 shares in a cheaper player such as gayle, you would be able to buy 100 shares for around £60 pounds at the minute, if he was performing in the premiership as he was in the championship last term, you would also be potentially earning performance buzz from him, form like that would also bring him lots of media buzz which would also earn you lots of dividens and see his price rise also, if he is linked with a bigger club in the transfer window, again you would earn lots of media buzz and also his price would sky rocket, the same if he earned an england call up etc, so you could potentially earn hundreds off your initial 60 pound investment.

    I am fairly new to FI myself and am trying to learn as much as i can surrounding it whilst building my portfolio. I am no expert but this is how i understand FI to be. These were not predictions but examples of posibilities which hopefully help you out. If I'm wrong about anything or somebody disagrees feel free to share your opinions.

  • @NewUser84026 said in New up coming players:

    Is this really about high stakes to make any real money I ask as I'm just having a tickle with £100 and know I'm not gana be rich overnight, so is this app for high stakes for high dividends ?

    You win in three ways: Buy low, sell high, Media buzz div and Performance buzz div. You won't be doubling your money anytime soon if you are looking to profit through dividends. Buy low sell high is the fastest route, but like any quick gains there is a high risk, since the value could drop too.

    Keep in mind: if 100 futures are purchased in a player that player's value will increase approx 1p. So if you are holding Lukaku, say at £6.00, and someone buys 100 in him for £600. Your holding will increase by a penny representing 0.16% increase. Now let's say you have a stake in Trippier at 80p. And another investor buys 100 in him for £80. Your holding in Tripper will have increased by 1.25%. Also, because 80p per future is more accessible to many more people on FI, it is likely that a good run of form would attract a lot more investment in the player priced at 80p rather than the one priced £6.

  • In answer to your question. It doesn't matter how much you are investing. Invest it wisely and you can profit.

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