• I still dont believe the hype hazard much better player and courtino still can’t see how he is worth £13+

  • Dividends mate

  • I agree, but then again I haven't been on the Index long enough to see his PB scores for PSG which are supposedly consistently high?

    He's also got his one name advantage for MB which is obviously an advantage and a reason for his high price. But tbh I haven't seen him win much MB so also think he's overvalued a bit.

    As for Hazard, he was phenomenal tonight but his PB score doesn't really show it! He seems almost stuck around the £6 mark for a while, can't decide whether to invest or not...

  • I would have neymar over hazard everyday if the week neymar far more consistent , talented and million times more popular

  • @Johar Neymars media buzz is unrivaled, despite having a bad world cup he has picked up most media buzz to this date and returned dividends almost every single day the last 2 weeks whilst the world cup has been on.

  • @Mazza-magic I'm not saying you should buy Neymar specifically - everyone has a different strategy - but generally speaking you'll make more money if you accept the way FI works and trade accordingly rather than trying to fight it and spread your idea of what a player's value "should" be.

  • Delivers high MB and PB scores. Very high PB baseline too.

    Aside from his diving, he still put in a massive performance last night. Great touch, lightening quick and creates lots of chances.

    Hazard was excellent last night, but when his team lose, he can often go AWOL. Even when Neymar’s team lose, he’s still involved in lots of attacking play.

    Coutinho blew a brilliant chance to equalise last night (one which Neymar set up). Had Neymar been on the end of the chance, Brazil would have gone to extra time and may have won.

    That’s the difference between very good players and great players.

  • It doesn't really make any difference who you or I think is the better player - just look at how much MB and PB Neymar won last year (while out injured a lot of the time) and compare this to Hazard and Coutinho and there you have your answer

  • @Johar Neymar has won me tons of dividends.

  • @HappyLarry59855 hi, do you think is right decision to buy 10-15share of him just for devidence (unfortunately I have small budget) or is better invest that money in100-150 share for player 50-75p and sell with profit and then reinvest , and again?? 🤔

  • In the long term you will make money of neymar, even if you just pick a few pence up each time he wins Mb or pb. At the end of the day its up to you how you want to invest.

    If you still want to gamble like on skybet or something then try and flip players and make a quick profit or you do it the boring way and buy expensive holds and just sit there and hold out because most of the time they will return you something - eventually.

    That’s the way I see it anyway.

  • @Mundek I do a mixture of both. This is to diversify my portfolio so if I lose on one type of player I likely gain on another type of player. I hold Gerson who is 73p. I hold Kovalenko who is 53p. I hold Neymar who is £13. I hold MBappe who is £7. Generally I keep young players though.

  • I haven’t seen him pull that many divvys sincei cam on here , not enough to justify £13 I see mo Salah clean up

  • @Mazza-magic You could say that about all the players on the index then since Neymar has got the most dividends. Personally for me I think the dividends should be higher and something should be done to increase them within the next few months. There's not enough return.

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