When to invest 18/19

  • Just after abit of insight to when everyone’s gonna get a hold on the new up and coming season?

    Personally invested £1,100 within the last week after teams have dropped out and players prices have crashed. Will be investing upto the 4k mark before the season just don’t know if the players will still crash further. or has it already begun (seen a few big purchases recently so I’m guessing the other early birds are beginning like myself)

    I’ve stuck to £100 In 11 players so far waiting for the other 9 of my 20 to drop by end of World Cup then il be set to go. Will be doubling my investment to 4K just weighing up when to do it.

  • @Rosco8P6Coltrane I think you're a bit late to that party mate. Depends on your reasons for holding them, but most ppl have already bought players for next season. More buying will happen tho.

  • @John-Renwick reasons will be to see £ for £ who makes me the most out of MB/PB at the end of the season. That’s why I brought £100 (within a few pence) in each player making it equal. Will increase it like I said to £200 in each that’s all I’d be willing to spend and lose for now.

    So players shouldn’t crash further is what your saying if ppl have already brought and are still buying?

  • @Rosco8P6Coltrane yeah I can't see players crashing further (except those still in the WC of course) unless a reason we don't currently know about pops up. Shouldn't see any unexplainable swings in prices

  • Given the underwhelming way that the world cup was handled by FI, I'd sold up pretty much all of my world cup players before the first ball was kicked, unless it was a player that I wanted to hold into the coming season, apart from that, I have been slowly building up my PB players for next season over the last month or so, using historic data, I have pinpointed players which posted good scores last season and used that as a starting point and looked to see if there are any reasons why they shouldn't replicate this season.

    I still think there will be further investment in these though, as there isn't really anywhere else for people's money to go, aside from the triple media targets in the short term, so I don't think you've completely missed the boat

  • Prices go up and down so you can't really ever completely miss the boat on FI, that's one of the great things about it. Just er.. wait for the next boat , if I can extend the metaphor a bit

  • Overall FI should increase steadily anyway so it’s all good. I want to be involved for next season even if it’s just for the dividends and a little gain.

    I have done the same and identified 53 players that performed well last season using noirs data sheets which are under 30 years of age and either In the champions league or Europa next year.

    Proper BUZZING for it all to start tbh.

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