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  • Quick question for the longstanding members. Who were the top 5 highest priced players on FI about a year ago? Thanks in advance.

  • @TheSleepingGiant I think Ibrahimovic was probably one of them.

  • Zlatans price had crashed due to the injury around this time last year. Griezmann would have been top due to the man utd links, he was £7 at 1 stage. Then the likes of Alexis and Kane were just below him at around 5er. Lukaku got over £6 but that wasnt until closer to August i think due to the man utd transfer

  • Pogba, Hazard, Lukaku and Deli were all up there (around £4 each I believe) - need to consider that there was no PB back then so the top players were guys regularly earning MB, this is why Ibra was up at £5 (before his injury)

    What a year for FI!!!!!! Makes me wish I was more gung ho in my early days :-D

  • Morata was over £5 I think.

  • The top 5 were on the 1/7/17:

    1. Lukaku - £6.16,
    2. Kane - £4.93,
    3. Sanchez - £4.65,
    4. Pogba - £4.26,
    5. Neymar - 4.21
      These were average prices taken from FI players price trend on the 2/7/18 who all earned PB & MB Divi's of some sort during 2017/18 season, unless there were players who were higher but didn't recieve any divi's.

  • @NewUser141969 WOW Neymar £4?! Crazy increase there! Maybe the new massive increase will be Mbappe? Just my gut with his age and skill who noes

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