Why the Bruno fernandes drop?

  • He's dropped from £2:20 to £1:36 in the space of a month. He's linked with a move to West ham, but if he doesn't move he'll probably be Sporting best player, and will still probably leave within 12months

    He also returned 18p in dividends so there potential there.

    Any idea why the dramatic decrease. Can't find anything on google

  • Could be staying at sporting

  • Sporting not in a top 5 league (= no league performance buzz). Yes, could still get European PB but is that likely given how badly Sporting have been weakened by the fiasco?

    12 months is a long time to wait on the Index, why hold if he hovers around the same value for 9 months before then increasing? Trade out, invest elsewhere, make money and then buy back in 9 months time IF the variables for value are looking promising.

  • @PaulR there's been announcement today that he's considering reversing his get out of jail decision and decided to stay at sporting

  • @Noirx4 Guess that's why then. Could find anything when I googled. Hopefully he leaves.
    Haven't most of the top players left already?

  • @PaulR I'm hoping the same as you.

  • @FootballIndexRC A key example of when the "It's only a loss if you sell" rhetoric falls down. Like you say, your money could be going into new players that are likely to rise instead of wasting in a stagnant asset for the next 6-9 months. Sometimes you just gotta take the hit

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