Lozano increase incoming ?

  • Thoughts ? Just alot of media speculation looking like hes on the verge .

  • I expect so. Potential move to Old Trafford looks to be inching closer, which increases speculation linked to MB and then, of course, if becomes a United regular, he'll have a good chance of PB. Can easily see him hitting £4.

  • Yes agree. Hopefully will time with hitting a few treble media days

  • Hot air

    United aren’t buying an attacker.

  • you "ITK" or something? Or just hazarding a guess?

    Nobody thought United would sign Sanchez in January, but they did...

  • No I’m a united fan, it’s clear they need to buy a few defenders and maybe another mid.

    They have rashford,martial,lukaku,Lingard, Sanchez, mata for attackers.

    I just cant see them buying someone like Lozano. The source of the original story is pretty weak and it’s just been hashed around, nothing in it.

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