• Is he like to go up again when his City move is confirmed?
    Also Ronaldo, JUve will damage share prices or will the transfer fee make them increase?

  • I hope so, I'm holding Mahrez at a small loss at the moment.

  • I would think he'd go up. If you compare with Sane and Sterling's prices, he's still way lower. He may well be below them in the pecking order but he'll still get plenty of opportunities.

  • He signs and plummets!! I’m thinking he is a bit under value now, he will play, he’ll suit the style, he’ll hit loads of assists. His price is low compared to other city midfielders. He’s got to be well over £3 soon

  • Top player, won European awards when at Leicester. £60 million is not a bench warmer price...
    IMO will play lots, PB will be great with the possession at Man City.
    Sane on the left, Mahrez on the right, security of Walker behind him. What’s not to like?
    Will probably break his leg first game of the season....

  • Assuming he’ll play on the right what happens to sterling then? Too many good players there and can’t play all at once is my concern

  • @Ermejo and Bernardo Silva.

  • @John-Renwick
    True although B. Silva was playing there out of position, he should drop back to midfield now that Sterling and Mahrez will battle for that spot on the right

  • Defo will be sorely missed at the KP !!

    Personally, it will be dependent on his mood on how good he wants to be - The fact he will be surrounded by class players at Manchester, I genuinely think he will step up to another level and become a key player for Pep. On his day, his vision and touch is exceptional and i am sure Pep will be focuesed on building up his strength and consistency...... how that relates to buying him on FI - keep as watching brief for the time being imo.....

  • @Ermejo true, I always Thot he'd step into the centre to be David Silva's replacement. Think he'll settle there for a season then next season really excel there!

  • I think Mahrez showed what he is capable of. Even in a weaker and poorer Leicester, twice after he was told no when he wanted to get away, he still started to contribute (albeit after sulking for a bit). With that said, if he was a guaranteed starter than for me it would be a no brainer for Pep. I could see the potential in him being the 'Salah' of City. However, both with FPL and this, I struggle with City players because players always go in and out of the team with rotation. Sometimes even for weeks. For me the only real 100% picks for the starting 11 are Ederson and De Bruyne, so I'll see how things go

  • @Ringers and here it is he’s hit £3!
    Is there another £1 in him

  • @Ringers

    Tricky as you like is Mahrez and only going one way imo, although be interesting to see how he goes on the first 10 games.
    The Man City first 5/6 home fixtures are soft and so expecting Man City to start well (and therefore so will Mahrez... maybe)

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