Average time before significant Profit

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    I've played it relatively safe with my investments. Made alot of rookie mistakes when I first started, but getting to grips with everything now. There is so much to learn, and I suggest you read these forum pages to death. The advice is invaluable to newbies.

    I've got 7k invested, and have made over 800 pounds profit, which has been reinvested.

    Not exactly turning water into wine, but I'm more than happy with my returns so far.

    I've been on the index for about 4 months, and feel the platform still has huge growth potential.

  • @NewUser156185 depends how much risk you're willing to take 😉

  • Historically the index has occasionally had periods of hyper price inflation. So your time before you can make serious money depends on whether you were in then.

    People on the index around jan time will have made significant ROI immediately whereas people who started at periods the index flat lined may have flat lined themselves.

    Ticking along even at break even is ok if you can be on the index at the next rocket point. Lets say dividends doubled (not saying for a second they will), technically every future is worth double.

  • 2 weeks in and have made 5.5% - how long would it have taken me to make that with it stuck in the Bank.

    I've obviously only been around for the World Cup where there is a relatively small number of players in the Media and playing so I know that I've still a long way to go before I'm fully to grips with it all.

    As has been pointed out above, the more new members who bring in more new money (as well as existing people investing more), the more prices will increase - keep an eye on the Footie score for that.

    Good luck

  • FI has cycles - in general terms during the transfer windows it's flat/volatile and therefore difficult to profit unless you're experienced - otherwise there's generally an upwards curve

    So to answer the OP's question it (at least in part) depends on when you join. And IMO now is not a great time to do so notwithstanding FI's big WC marketing push

    But stay patient and things should pick up when the PB leagues re-boot

  • Started Feb this year. Saw 25% growth up to May. Put x5 that amount in during WC giveaway but it’s been super flat. Agree that suddenly there is huge growth cycles so make sure you are in when it happens!

  • I'm 6.5 months in and just shy of 60% return. Just get to grips with the platform and you'll see what makes u the most profit.

  • @NewUser156185 as others have said it depends on what you target.

    If you aim for dividends alone then 1-2% a month would be a fair and reasonable target and should be easy enough with a little research. Potentially you could get up to 5% if you did very well.

    If you want target capital growth I think you should be going for 5% a month although the comission will erode the profit down a little as you need to sell players to release the profit.

    You might pick up some dividends going for capital growth and will get some growth aiming for dividends so hard to say exactly but I think that if you put £1k in now you should hope to be able to walk away in 6 months with £1200 at least and if you did well then £1500 wouldn't be unreasonable.

    Some people will do better and others worse but most will turn a profit which is more than can be said for other Betting sites.

    One word of caution is that I doubt many people have actually withdrawn more than they have put in as this is a very adictive platform (because it's great) and most dividends and earnings from capital growth have been plowed straight back Into the index.

    Others can correct my figures of they disagree but I think they are fairly reasonable, maybe a little conservative if anything.

  • @John-Renwick I'm jealous. I'm only 30% up in 4.5 months.

  • @HappyLarry59855 Salah has to take a lot of credit. Not my trading skills lol

  • @John-Renwick I had Salah too. Still haven't done that well. His price doubled for me though.

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