Ronaldo sale agreed

  • Firstly, I'm new here and looking to get my foot in the door with a decent portfolio with what I can afford to put in so you might see me around the forums here and there.

    Secondly, Seen Ronaldo has had his price falling amidst all the gossip and just seen a fee has been agreed with Juventus for £105m. I'm assuming it's the change in league or something that's causing this fall?

  • He's risen a fair bit over the past week with the speculation. I guess people go "ok that's done. No more transfer spec for a while" and sell up. He'll still be good for media dividends though over the next month I'd imagine?

  • From what I've seen , generally prices inflate during transfer spec then drop when the transfer is done and the media move on, then settle depending on what value the player has after the transfer. I don't see ronaldo being out of the media for a while! But I understand people getting out

  • Wow I didn’t expect him to actually leave Real this Summer, but sold my shares in him on Friday, just in case of a price plummet.

    I wonder what (if anything) this means for Bale. Will he step up to be top dog at Real and his share price increase accordingly?

    Or will they bring in Neymar or Mbappe?

  • I completely understand that any normal transfer would see MB opportunity dry up, but reckon with Ronaldo he'll easily continue to win MB. Reckon his price will go back up when people see him winning MB every day still

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