I can't believe Ronaldo has gone to Italy he will dominate that league and be all over the media , my advice to anyone is hold on to him

  • Can't believe Ronaldos gone there

  • @NewUser145896 me too. Why to Juventus? Why not to PSG , Napoli, Bayern Munich, or again to the Premier League? I would never have thought that.

  • I’m sure he’ll be great in Italy, as he’s been everywhere else.

    But not so sure he will dominate MB, once the transfer news has faded. Generally the English Premiership clubs, Barcelona and Real Madrid dominate MB.

    Time will tell though, I suppose.

  • Longest heading ever :-)

    Any correct IMO

  • He's Ronaldo, the MB will always be there. He's a global brand

  • I think its a great move, personally I still see Juve a giant club, I hope he does well and then he will be the GOAT with no arguments.

    Know one knows what will happen, still can’t forget his age though with regards to buying him, still a risk.

  • £26,000,000 a year helps.

  • Ronaldo - Can’t handle not being the centre of attention, swear he has only moved now to take the media away from World Cup now that Portugal are out.
    Great player, tremendous charity work, Goebto another great club in Juventus, looks like will keep going for another 4/5 years.
    Can’t stand the bloke though.. No chance of him breaking his leg though as I am not a holder...

  • @NewUser145896

    I take it you have a heep of Ronaldos and are panicking at the sight of a little red ...

  • @NewUser145896 Good move for him, slower more tactical league. will extend his career...

  • Thanks for the very long title and genuinely disinterested advice
    My take on him is that whilst he is still a great player age does count in football especially at the top level and even more so for a striker
    Combine that to the much tighter Italian defences compared to the Spanish ones and you can safely assume he won’t go anywhere near his 40+ goals he is used to (well, juve will get a dozen penalties or more so he will score those)
    MB wise he will get a fair chunk especially during the off season but from £9 is a long drop when he eventually start doing so, he may have 1-2 year left in him but the decline is unfortunately inevitable and imminent

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