Kingsley Coman as a long..

  • Looks good value IMO, will feature regularly for Bayern with a busy schedule and also for France in the WC.... Thoughts???

  • How does playing for France influence things? Media Buzz?

  • Well he will be playing ... so I would assume some media hype around him + also assume the WC is a PB comp...??

  • Don't think he'll feature regularly for Bayern but with the old ages of Robben and Ribery they are suspect to injury and will not be around for much longer. He's definitely worth the investment for the future if you believe in the players ability.

  • He's featured as a replacement for Ribery + Robben in all matches so far this season (all that I've seen anyway), and he scored in their last match I think.. seems a good price!

  • @El-Jefe

    At present, internationals are not included in the PB. Whether they will be or not is another question.

    Will be a major ball dropped by FI if they're not added, even just for the WC.

  • @El-Jefe said in Kingsley Coman as a long..:


    Not sure he will start for France but he did start for Bayern today alongside Muller and Lewandowski (Ribery and Robben both on the bench). Bayern are really banking on him for the future so good long term investment imo

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