Jack Butland future ?

  • With Stoke now relegated, will Jack Butland make a move ? I'm 100% sure he will move to a premier league team. His price is very low atm in comparison to the last few months. I think he could gain 20-40% within this transfer window. He currently trades at 95p per share, just one month ago he was £1.23. A great buy in opportunity for someone hoping to make some £ this summer.

  • How many you got in him then?

  • 400.00.

    Have had him since 83p. Was hoping he would get some game time this WC. however I'm confident he will make a move this summer and his price will go above £1.15. I won't hold him long term.

  • Unless they change the scoring system keepers are mainly deadwood

  • I’m a Stoke fan. The club are quietly confident he’ll stay on improved terms. He’s already said he won’t make a sideways move and most PL clubs have already made a move on GKs.

  • People are still buying goalies ? Crikey ... no wonder FI can spend so much on ads

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