Another Noob Question

  • By my calculations the % all time profit include dividends, is this correct feel free to call me a plumb

  • What you win in dividends goes straight into your balance. However if you reinvest those dividends then yes it’ll count because it’ll become part of your profile

  • @Kndybrzilnmesi You're a plum.

    But seriously, yes dividends count as part of the profits you make. Really they are the purest form of profit as they are cash paid to you. Personally I calculate profit as; current value of portfolio x0.98. + Current balance - total deposited. Although if I wanted to sell up and leave it would have to be total deposited - current instant sell price of each player X 0.98 + current balance.

    Never feel guilty about asking the question. This forum will always give an answer (often not to the question you asked) and there will always be someone else reading that wanted the answer. So welcome and continue asking if you need help. Hope this answers the question you asked.

  • @Ozzlebert unless you were looking for a quick getaway, why not use the sell to market price rather than the instant sell price for the 2nd calculation? Or are you mainly invested in sub £1 players?

  • @Ozzlebert Thanks so much mate

  • @FranklynMary said in Another Noob Question:

    What you win in dividends goes straight into your balance.

    Never actually realised that to be the case i thought they were paid at year end or something 😂

  • @Mr-Matt Agree with Ozzlebert, although you'd hope to have time to sell your portfolio to the market and on average get their current sell value, I find it useful to have an extra column on the spreadsheet with IS value - that's the profit / return % I know I can take today if I did need to jump out.

    I love calculating my POTENTIAL return % but at the end of the day until I start withdrawing money I've made £0. Sorry if that sounds a little pessimistic :-D

  • @Mr-Matt I'm not, I just always look at the worst case.

    If I needed all the money I have in the index now then how much would I be able to take out? It's just a personal way that I like to look at how much profit I've made.

    Purely a paper exercise.

  • Hi, I am a complete newbie to this, so a simple question..

    Do you make more on buying and selling players?


    on the dividends each day from the top 200 players?

    I hope this makes sense.

  • @NewUser156786 it's like comparing job which has a low pay but lots of performance based add on's (capital growth) Vs a job with a salary (dividends).

    If you back yourself to get the right players early then capital growth can beat any amount t of dividends earned.

    If not then dividends bring home a steady income without to much effort or upkeep. Also you lose a lot less to comission as you don't need to sell to release profit

    Most people have a balance of the two.

    Why not pick a couple of players from each camp and see what you enjoy more and what makes you more money. Start small and build up with whatever you feel comfortable with after a few weeks.

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