England sell off

  • I didn’t think people would waste so much money instant selling England players.

  • Depends on how you define wasting money, personally I think that if you look at their dividend returns the majority of the England squad is massively overpriced, I would therefore be concerned about putting someone in the sell queue because why would someone buy an overpriced player who's unlikely to return dividends? So for me wasting money would be not cashing out my profit, holding a player whose price will drift as people realise they're overpriced and not using the money to invest in the next trend.

    I've avoided naming particular players as I now only hold 1 England player (I sold to the market earlier in the tournament) and don't believe in speaking negatively about others portfolio.

    Am happy to hear which England players anyone thinks is good value now?

  • I only held 1 England player that I bought for £2 and IS'd for £2.78 and is now worth considerably less. I'll be buying back in once his price settles. He'll definitely go back up as the season progresses.

    As far as I'm concerned that's not wasting money, that's how you make money on the Index if not chasing dividends...

  • @AT10 Don't own him yet but tempted by Rashford. Could be a big season for him and I feel he's really likable so won't take much for people to get on his bandwagon

  • @Blue-Python I've never owned Rashford but have been very tempted in the past, my biggest concern for him is Mourinho. But I agree that he has massive potential, was very impressed with the way he knocked in his penalty in the shootout, very calm for a 20yr old!

  • Stones - won't play every game but will have great PB chance every time he plays - Man City CBs really bossed PB last year. Looks good value now compared to Laporte say

  • @Blue-Python agree with you on Rashford, I've gone in on him on todays dip at £3.94. Am hoping Madrid would be interested in him as surely they need will splash some cash on a few potentials with the Ronaldo exodus.....

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