Cristian Pavon

  • I understand his drop since Argentina Got knocked out of the World Cup but I’m surprised he keeps dropping with the amount of interest in him. I keep thinking of buying in to him but I’m not sure just yet. Surely he will rise from now on? Any thoughts?

  • @Barkez_86 So it looks like Boca are going to offer him a new contract with a larger buy-out clause, I would assume people are cashing out just in case he decides to sign and causes a bigger crash.

    My advice would be to keep an eye open, if he signs his price will crash in the short term, if the rejects it his price is sure to get back to £2 (?) level fairly sharply.

    If he does sign a new contract and his price crashes I'll be adding him to the watch list - the reported buy out will be around £40mil - that won't stop the big European clubs coming in for him if he continues to develop / play well.

  • I brought him at 99p and sold around 140ish I’m keeping an eye on him see if he goes £150 ish then I might go again

  • Bought at 1.80 but will hold. He reminds me of hazard when he started at Lille. My theory is buy players young outside of PL as they get a premium if they go there. Or better buy youngsters outside of Europe PB leagues and they get a premium if they go to PB leagues and double premium if they go to PL. Buying PL players opens up possibility of drops if they move, even if it’s to a bigger euro club (coutinho).

    For me he’s 100% going to Europe minimum so a rise is on the cards. He fits my strategy along with others like frenkie de jong etc.

  • @CheesyG
    Thoughts on frenkie de jong think he’ll move this year?

  • Looks like next season now. He’s certain to rise 20% in a year so it’s weighing up if you can grow money faster elsewhere IMO.

    I’ll be sticking. Prefer low risk investing to high risk PB chasing.

  • i made a quid a share on him and sold after it was clear Argentina weren't going all the way... I think lack of MB interest is the reason for selling whilst he can't earn any PBs in the short future... i wil monitor how he plays though and perhaps jump on again nearer the winter window if any Arsenal rumours come alive again?

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