Buying more England players

  • Today I've bought a few hundred pounds worth of top English players such as Kane, Walker etc. Prices have dropped an awful lot and will be most likely hit a new ATH during the beginning of the premier league season. Anyone else agree ? Or am I biased due to being invested!?

  • I'd agree, should see a rebound once the dust has settled, knee jerkers have calmed and Kane picks up MB for the golden boot (potentially) probably not as high as they were a week ago but defo a good time to buy imo.

  • So how low will Kane go?, tempted to buy more now but knowing how fickle the gamblers are I can see more selling

  • @NewUser60527 Short term I think he'd drop no lower than £8.50. I'm confident he will be atleast £9.50-£10.00 by the first game of the Premier League season. I'd be suprised if he wasn't £12-£15 by Christmas 2018. He will pick up dividends throughout the season & is only 24. Kyle Walker is one of my faves. I have a few hundred of him, he will have minimal competition from Danilo, also Walker got a bunch of assists last season, pushing him for PB. And he's very good value too.

  • @JmanSupreme walkers not gonna outscore Laporte, stones and Otamendi without a goal in my opinion. And he doesn't score often. I think the best value in English players is from Stones, maybe Kane (long term) and I'll be contractually and say Wellbeck as he could become a better performer under a more disciplined system.

  • @JmanSupreme I've bought England players but young ones. Mount, Lookman, Lewin, T. Davies, Hudson Odoi. When they make their England debuts they should go up a lot I think.

  • @HappyLarry59855 hmmm ,don't think is that good idea mate cos when it's gonna happen he? Nxt year, after 2years or 3years so that's really long time (long investment....)??Davis 1£ share,Lookman 1,80£ and other similar! IMO it's better invest that money in difrent kind of players. Or that's not the main reason why you bought them...?!

  • @Mundek I bought them before their increase. I'm keeping hold because I still see them as well priced. If Lingard can get up to £3 and he's average in my eyes then I believe Mount could be £4 in 6 months possibly.

  • @HappyLarry59855
    Lingard is a regular for club and country and has had a couple of good seasons and a fair world cup behind him. Do you honestly expect Mount to be playing regularly enough to be 25% more within 6 MONTHS? By all accounts he's very talented but I can't help but think that's incredibly optimistic.

  • @HappyLarry59855 hmmm from 1. 5£ to 4£ in 6months, are you for real mate?! He was on loan in Vitesse-ok score lot's of goals and add few assist but come on mate...we still don't know where he will play and how..?!! I don't know why so optimistic on him - any reason, suggestions?

  • @Joev He's a regular because Mourinho couldn't find a player better to fill his position. Next season he might not be. As for England I don't agree with the team and they were average at this World Cup. They beat Panama, Tunisia and Sweden and that's it. They lost to Belgium and Croatia and drew against Colombia in general play. When the going got tough for England they cracked. Will Mount get to £4 in 6 months I don't know? It depends who he plays for and how regularly. I only said possibly. Depay was £1.40 3months ago. Now he is over £3, which I felt may happen, so who knows.
    The guy on the podcast made it sound stupid that MBappe was £5 and now he is nearly £8. I bought him at around £4.50. Guess what? I'm winning.

  • @Mundek Read my response to Joev. It's similar to what I might say to you.

  • @Mundek happy larry does know what his talking about I’ve had a few good tips off of him

  • @Mazza-magic. I'll buy a load of Mount shares then, in the hope that an untested player (at any decent standard of football), who'll spend next season on loan in the Championship, will return a 175% ROI in just the next 6 months.

    Because @HappyLarry59855 knows what he's talking about!

    Do me a favour! There's optimism & then there's delusional. Ha ha

  • @Mazza-magic well, good luck on him then mate 👍

  • @GarethG i wouldn't buy mount personally but I’ve had some good tips and pointed out some bargains and there is another on here also comes up with some bargain suggestions their tips worked for me but I’m talking players under a quid

  • @HappyLarry59855

    Maybe Mourinho couldn't find a better player than Lingard, but regardless he's still a regular attacking player for Man U and an England international, which equates to gold on the index. Mount is going on loan to the Championship, which will be a bigger test than the Dutch league but even if he does well, I'd say £4 in 6 months is a trifle optimistic given that last seasons Championship hot shots sat at £3 for a wonderkid like Sessegnon, or £2 for a Maddison/Grealish.

    Well done for doing well on Mbappe. I also enjoyed the Charlie Sheen 'winning' comment.

    Keep up the good work 👍

  • @GarethG I said possibly. I think the dividends will be increased by 6 months. I don't agree with Mount going to Derby though as the Championship is weaker than the Eredivisie. Ajax were in the Europa League final recently. Vertonghen, Vermaelon, Suarez, Ibrahimovic, Sneijder, Huntelaar, Depay and Robben have all moved straight to big clubs and played regularly when moving away from the Eredivisie. I can't think of many from the Championship in recent times. I think Mount is going backwards and should be playing for Crystal Palace or Huddersfield on loan onstead to be honest.

  • Lingard played for Brighton and that made him, he is the most recent player to be loaned to the championship and do well on loan from a top club.

    I think its a good idea, how many decent players make it a top clubs at 18,19,20 earn decent contracts and are virtually never seen again, loads.

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