The World Cup

  • So now it's over... As after last night it 'unofficially' is... What are people's thoughts on their first FI effected tournament?

    Must admit I expected a little more domination and price rising from the likes of Messi, Neymar and Ronaldo... The weird thing was that Ronny only got real MB attention after he was knocked out the tournament and moved to Juve.

    Also expected more buzz for Kane and England but no... Hardly anything on Kane MB wise despite being competition top scorer and our talisman in reaching our best finish for 28 years. In fact a big fall today leaves him lower than when he started the tournament.

    So did anyone make anything? Anyone stay clear? I did ok with the rises of Pavon, Forsberg, Brozovic, Mbappe and Bentancur to name a few but can't help feeling the WC was a bit of a side show for what is really going to come during the summer and early 2018/19 season?

    Looking forward to the routine of league and cup action now as prices settle and dividends come knocking!!!

  • yes agree with the view to see the WC and Euro's as a side show - we appear to have missed out on the usual transfer speculation which generally is a good source of regular MB divi's like we have with Griezmann, Pogba and Ibra over the last 3 years......

  • who World Cup and FI was massively disappointing! The sweepstake was the biggest let down!

  • Very disappointed with this World Cup, I thought it would do a lot more to draw punters and investment in, than it has.

    I'll be glad when Monday comes and we're back to regular Triple Media Days and then Triple Match Days when the proper season starts.

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