Silly investors

  • So another silly relegation from the 1st team coming up in the form of Lucas Moura. Yes it's going to be difficult for him to get in the 1st 11 but he's a great player who will have game time in a top team. He plays for a team in an easy French league and the CL that pays for PB. There will be a lot of MB in relation to a transfer too. Either way he's a decent investment.

    Yet lets relegate him and keep errr John Terry???????? Not in any PB competitions and retired from International football, could retire from football at any time. Unless he does the dirty again on another team mate, then what's the point of investing in him?

  • Sorry for being a novice - but how does a player get to the bottom of the 1st team list? Just a whole load of sells over the course of the week?

  • I agree. Too many irrelevant players on the list ahead of genuine players that are getting relegated.

  • @NewUser87483 When people start selling shares in a player he decreases in value. He has been floating near the bottom over the past week and once people start seeing shares being sold in him it's just a chain reaction because nobody wants to risk losing all their shares for nothing.

  • There are a few randoms floating in the top 200. John Terry is a good example. But, he's been sat around that price (give or take) for weeks so people obviously aren't shifting. I can only see a buzz win for him when three scenarios occur:

    Villa draw Chelsea in a cup
    Villa get promoted
    He retires (but whilst he might win the buzz, his price will probably fall to next to nothing).

  • DO you know when his return from injury will be? If it is to be soon I would Consider holding him up. Don't see any reason why he wont he an 80p player on his return and there is defo potential for him to be linked to a prem move come jan if he isnt playing

  • @NewUser25953 Are you talking about Moura?

  • yes Moura

  • @NewUser25953 He's currently out with a foot injury I believe. Usually this kind of injury can take up to a month. he has been out since early August so he should be close to a return.

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