Jean Seri

  • A big drop for Seri with many traders seeing the move to Fulham as very negative for his prospects.

    I'm not sure I agree with that assessment. He will be the main man there and may well take setpieces and penalties so could challenge for more PB if he adds goals to his high baseline.

    Add in the increased chance of media due to playing in the Prem and the fact he will surely be looking to move on from Fulham in the next couple of seasons and he could be a great longterm hold.

  • How many games will Fulham win though?, prob not that many so scoring a goal here or there means nothing. Will Fulham dominate possession, I doubt it.

    His Mb will be nothing also as he will drop out of the top 200 probably

    Just my opinion of course.

  • Yeah is tricky. He had a great baseline with v high number of passes so remains to be seen whether that could happen at Fulham - did Nice really dominate a lot of games so much ? I've bought a few on the drop to get a bit of MB and see how it goes for the start of the season

  • @NewUser60527 Probably 10-15 ish. Nice only won 15 in Ligue 1 last season so not a huge drop-off. More goals means more chance of a game-winning goal so an extra 80 points onto his base (which was 99 last season) plus points for a win. Even if that base drops a little an increased chance of a goal makes up for it I think.

    He scored 7 in 16/17 and only 2 last season and took pens before Balotelli joined Nice so it's certainly in his locker to push for 10 goals if things go well.

    And for media if he plays well and gets linked with top teams next summer he will be back in the top 200 no problem.

  • @PB-man

    As a little comparison Huddersfield won 9 games last year and they did well I thought.

  • @NewUser60527 Hmm yeah it's tough to judge. Huddersfield probably had the worst team on paper in the Prem so I would expect Fulham to probably better that total with the talent they have (Seri, Cairney, Sessegnon etc). Either way I'm not sure you can lose too much.

    If they are terrible and get relegated he will certainly be on the move. If not he has a good chance of a couple of PB wins. He's now at a very generous price compared to other players on the index (Barkley, Rabiot, Shaqiri etc) so looks a good buy to me.

  • @PB-man to be fair this Barkley plays (or doesn't play) for a top team. Shaqiri is high due to transfer links. And rabiot is reportedly a transfer target too, Seri doesn't have any of that so I feel his lower price is justified. If he can get 10 goals a season he might pick up the odd PB but really at Fulham his chance of winning any is minimal. I don't think he's a good investment again until he's likely to move on. I feel you could hold for 2 years before he moves with no real return until the transfer links start.

  • All true about those other players but I think you're underestimating Seri. He's an exceptional player and should be on pens and setpieces now so may have a better chance of PB. Fulham kept the ball very well in the championship (57.3% possession) and now have the additional quality of Seri in their midfield who was a massive part of why Nice were a good PB side.

    Either way, it's a very small gamble. I picked him up at 1.42 and he's already returned 5p of divs and I plan to hold him long term.

  • @PB-man I disagree. But fair play and good luck to you. Hopefully he returns you a good bit.

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