Varane undervalued ? Real madrid starting XI, & played every game at W.C.

  • Varane is immensely undervalued, especially in comparison to other CB's. He will easily double within the next season and will pick up a handful of PB's. He should be around £2.00-£2.40.

  • I like him also, he has had a nightmare injury wise though last few years.

  • I hold some Varane but he's just not very good for PB. He was almost outscored by Pavard vs Uruguay despite scoring a game-winning goal and has to compete with Ramos and Marcelo every week.

  • I agree, I hold Varane but Ramos and Marcelo get better PB scores and he's hard a hard time with injuries.

    Good player, I'm in profit with him but his PB scores don't match the likes of Ramos

  • @PB-man On that note, when I switched off (well after the game finished) it was showing Pavard 188, Varane 187, the next day it says Varane won it? Any ideas what Pavard actually scored? 188 didn't seem right....

  • Like the guys have said before. I used to hold varane and his PB scores are average at best. I can only see another rise with a move to old Trafford which is not out of the question.

  • @AT10 hey I noticed that too. Was still happy to collect dividends.

  • Had him last season. Earned me zero . 'Rage-sold' him when he scored GWG and had clean sheet in the WC and still wasn't top defender. Woke up to find the PB scores had changed and he was top defender - never again for me !!

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