Guaranteed profit... well, almost:)

  • 5 players who could almost guarantee profit.

    I am extremely sure Neymar, & Pogba would make the list. Yes I know nothing is guaranteed, but MB, & PB dividends, aswell as a natural steady increase throughout the season is almost certain. Neymar spent months out injured and still went up in value. I also think maybe KDB would make the list ? And possibly Isco.

    Yes each player I've mentioned is currently a small fortune, but I believe any of them players purchased today and sold in exactly a years time, with dividends included, would easily be a 100% gain. For the record I'd probably avoid Pogba until the WC has passed & when his value has decreased by 1 or 2% due to the hype of the tournament being over.

    Lastly I think these would need to be fairly young talent. I wouldn't purchase anyone 30yrs or older and keep them long term. Robben, Rooney, Ibrahimovic, Iniesta just to name a few examples of top players who have decreased sharply.

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