World Cup plans?

  • Hi,

    Any discussion as to whether the World Cup will be added to the performance buzz when the time comes? (I get that qualifiers will not)


  • @LukeRiley

    Has to happen IMO

  • With so few games on each day I think a large weekly PB is the way to go.

    With such a buzz around the sport of football during a WC, if Fi get some decent marketing done they could grow significantly around that time. With new users coming in they will want the market to be growing to keep the new investors around so I think logically it makes sense for them to offer quite large WC dividends .

  • @LukeRiley I reckon FI will get/be getting a plan together - it's just too big an opportunity to miss

  • @LukeRiley yeah this will happen 100%. Expect some promotions too

  • Speaking of World Cup.. top 10 WC holds for your Portfolio?

  • @FI_Konrad I dont have 10 in my portfolio (yet!) very likely I will but wont be looking at that sort of thing until after Christmas as want to see if can find the next James Rodriguez (who had heard of him before the last WC!)

  • @FI_Konrad said in World Cup plans?:

    Speaking of World Cup.. top 10 WC holds for your Portfolio?

    Kane, Alli, Stones, Sterling purely from the 'English bias' in the media.
    Then Neymar, Messi, Dybala, Kroos and probably Pogba because he's a monster in a France shirt more often than not.

  • Think you need to focus on England players, there'll be a lot of triple tiered media buzz around then and beforehand so there will be a lot of chatter about England players. I've got Kane and Rashford now and will look to stock up on more players once penny stocks come in in case prices drop across the board.

    Even if they don't pick up that many dividends, loads of people will be buying them just before the World Cup expecting dividends so you should be able to sell for a profit in advance and forget the dividends.

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