Podding with a South American Football Expert (Simon Edwards) next Monday.....submit your questions about South American rising stars you want to know more about

  • Simon Edwards is a South American Football expert who is coming on to the pod soon....get your questions in!

    So far on twitter we've had questions about:
    -Lautaro Martinez

  • Paqueta please??? and Godoy Cruz? any players to watch after a good season so far? also any bargains outside of Brazil/Argentina we need to look at? ie Chile, Uruguay, Colombia etc?

  • Gabilol eeehhhmmm gol

  • Fabricio Bustos please - I know there were Bayern rumours but no news since Isco had him on toast in pre-WC friendly and he lost his position in the squad :-D

  • Cristian Pavon. Interested where he sees his short, medium and long term future. Which club would he suit and in what position? How will that reflect on the index?

  • Fede Valverde's future. Will he be loaned out by Real Madrid again?

  • @CheesyG likely barcelona

  • Will leandro paredes be moving from zenit this window? The "new riquelme" is pretty cheap at 1.08 considering there's talk of a switch to Milan or Barcelona or madrid

  • @The-FIG - Maybe a topic to trigger some discussion:

    "Which of the 5 FI leagues are players currently playing in South America most likely to perform best in from a PB point of view?"

    And to push it a little further - "Which specific clubs play in a way that would suit the modern day South American style players?"

    Also - linking into this, " Which up and coming South American talent has the most chance of succeeding in one of the 5 FI Leagues?"

  • David Neres...thoughts? How long is he going to be at Ajax? Thanks FIG, love the pods!!!

  • So many quality young Brazilian players coming through. We've had Vinicius and Rodrygo go to Real Madrid.

    Some worth discussing, and would love to hear opinions on, are:

    Alan at Palmeiras
    Brenner at Sao Paulo
    Lincoln at Flamengo
    Paulinho at Vasco da Gama

    The next generation of exciting Brazilan players, in a league that seems to be on the rise in terms of quality, albeit a lot of player movement in the off-season still.

  • @NewUser144202 same,any info on valverde would be nice 👍

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