From Squad to First team

  • Can anyone shed light on how you can get squad players that go into the 1st team on a Friday at 1pm and 1.15pm at the original share price (if there is one) as I have tried every way and the cheapest share price I can get is around 71p. Is it that they have just start around that price as so many people are waiting to buy, but i do notice that people are selling straight away aswell so it makes me think that there are good profits being made. Just thought i would put it out there and see if anyone has any suggestions or is that just the way the market goes!

  • There's some discussion in the other threads below regarding this issue - the general consensus is that it's computer bots buying them up & that it's basically impossible to get players at 25p. The conspiracy option, if you prefer, is that the FI team sit round a table each week drawing up plans on how to rip-off their user base & breach their license

  • Your right it has been mentioned before on other threads I just realised. Looks like it's impossible to get the cheap shares. The players are only worth buying if they have long term potential on a Friday . Like Alexander Trent - Arnold was. Football index is a great concept and i really like it, but you need serious money to make any decent amount plus tons of patience.

  • @NewUser62758 Yeah, I treat it as fun but the more I use it the more I learn which players are likely to rise in value.

  • They re introducing penny stocks so you don't have to necessarily put in large amounts of money to profit on here. Just need good football knowledge. Lower buy in means more users, means FI make more money which should mean more dividends available. Im sure thats the long term growth plan

  • Can you make money on FI? Yes.

    Will it make you rich? Unlikely.

    I personally treat it as a bit of fun and, like with any gambling, dont invest what I can't afford to lose.

    I like a flutter on the weekend footy but its over after 90 minutes, this isn't, which is part of why I like it.

  • @ACBlue said in From Squad to First team:

    Can you make money on FI? Yes.

    Will it make you rich? Unlikely.

    Not likely but it's possible. Have you seen some of the portfolios on FI. Some are north of 50k. So long as FI keeps growing those portfolios will be too.

  • @Sagenode

    Yes but I suspect they've had significant investment. They've not got a £50k portfolio from investing £100.

    Or if they have, I want some tips.

  • @ACBlue i think its really realistic for everyone with a portfolio of >5000 gbp at the moment to get rich in the future. Because as I pointed out FI does in my opinion still have a very low user base in comparison to the potential. I think FI will make it also possible for Italian, French and Spanish people to invest in the future on FI. So the potential is that millions of football fans use FI. So lets assume FI has 20000 users yet, and if FI has 1 million users in 10 years that would mean probably 50 times more capital on the FI market.... so you can imagine what happends with their portfolios...

  • @ACBlue I think you're right there.

  • @NewUser38991 I agree it has huge potential. But they'll will need to implement a few changes to cater for that many users.

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