Last Seasons Most Prolific Defenders

  • Following on the recent Podcast with @The-FIG I've researched the best goal scoring defenders from last season and posted them on google docs below.

    Please note - this excludes players with less than 5 appearances and only includes their league games, excluding the CL, EL and WC (Yerry Mina is a prime example of course).

    I've randomly included a few names from the Championship, Liga Nos and Eredivisie - ones that I've seen articles on, recently transferred and promoted players.

    The sample is only taken over one season and not the more helpful historical data so it's highly likely some may have just had a hot streak.

    Disclaimer : Yes I own a fair few of these but there''s way too many to buy them all and will avoid stating which so to avoid a PnD accusation or two :-)

    Hope this helps and please remember I'm not a data provider like @Noirx4 or Index Edge so it is what it is and won't be worked on for improvement :-)

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  • Thanks for that. Hoping de Vrij keeps up that scoring record with Inter!

  • Champions League too, although Lazio are in the Europa so a minor shame he moved really.

    I'm just crossing my fingers Mina moves to Everton.

  • Would love to see MIna at Everton too

  • In the EPL my outlandish prediction of him being the first £3 defender might prove correct (although I think Otamendi, Sessegnon and Kimmich have breached it already so need to revise it to first £4 defender ;-) )

  • Think smalling seams a bargain looking at that. If I remember correctly got some good PB when he scores goals. United play on the first Friday of the season as well. Just picked up 100 for 75p

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