Lucas Paqueta - What's going on?

  • Thought I had my finger on the transfer rumour pulse...

    Anyone know what is going on with Lucas Paqueta?

    Surely too many shares being bought for a Twitter rampage to be considered... And can't find any news on Google...

  • I bought him at 0.95p a share and recently sold at Β£1.47 as I thought he might drop soon.. oh how wrong was I! No idea what the rise is about though

  • @Jay-Frazz exactly, what's going on?!!
    Sometimes I think that is no reason why prices going up/down and whoever you buy you gonna be on +... πŸ˜•The thing's buy a 'good one'! 😎

  • I got on at Β£1.72 a day or two ago. Don't usually go for this type of player and therefore missed out on Vinicius Junior, Lozano, Arthur, Martinez, Rodrygo, Pavon...

    IMO all of these players are overpriced until they've at least had minutes in a PB league and you can see what they've got. That said, my opinion means nothing if the market thinks differently, as it appears to! So I dipped my toe for the first time and the rationale was:

    • Seen as a future world star
    • Young and Brazilian
    • Tipped to be a big part of their next WC squad
    • Linked to (in a sort of ascending order for index boomage) Milan, Lazio, Juve, Real, Barca, Man City, big big Liverpool links and finally a bit of United thrown in for good measure.
    • At the time he was a quid less than Lozano, 70p less than Junior, 25p less than Martinez and Rodrygo etc. so plenty of room for growth

    Wish I had got on this type of trade earlier, but better late than never! Slowly dawning on me that youngsters tipped for big things are here to stay, so why fight it!

  • @Pierrey2129 - You are absolutely right!

    I've moved on from logical strategy and gone with the market flow. If there is buying power behind potential then embrace it!

    Excellent point on the 'index boomage' - and i guess a big move would cause another spike.

  • I did a twitter google search last night and it seems Chelsea were lining up a 45m bid.
    I had 200 shares at 1.37 but unfortunately sold one batch too early an hour before the 20p jump.
    Looks a great player and held off a 56p profit to hold the 100 as I think he will eventually get sold to a big club but maybe in January.

  • @NewUser144202 - Ah yes! Just seen that Google have caught up with the real world and posted some transfer speculation on Paqueta's move to Chelsea now! About time!

  • @Jay-Frazz
    I have read a lot of articles & fan comments about him - he’s highly rated & there’s a lot of excitement about him. He loves to showboat too much though ... they’ll be less chance to do that in Europe - clattered πŸ˜‚
    Fingers crossed he transfers to the right club

  • @NewUser120561 - I guess if he gets a transfer to one of the big boys then Chelsea would be his most likely destination.

    Bringing a bit more Brazilian magic to The Bridge can't be a bad thing?! ;)

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