Phil Foden

  • Seems to be on the express train to £2.50-£3 player. The lad is good but very young, chances likely to be limited this season, won't win MB and a move away unlikely. Is it just long term holds driving his price?

  • Crazy.

    He’s very talented and could become the next England star, but if opportunities are limited, he could just as easily end up on the scrap heap at 25.

    His price must be based almost entirely on “potential”.

  • Think after seeing recent rises in Liverpool and Arsenal youngsters after decent performances in friendlies maybe people expecting the same might happen to Foden. But yes people I think mostly buying for long term potential.

  • Also worth remembering that Man City are looking a bit thin on the ground for midfielders in pre season.

    KDB, Fernandinho, D Silva and B Silva all went to the World Cup, so there’s a good chance for Foden to play in the upcoming friendlies.

    If he repeats his performances from last year the hype will ratchet up.

  • @playingcards1

    That's a good point. Hopefully the same will apply to Mahrez too, because I hold quite a few futures in him.

  • @ocs123 True. After seeing Sancho as the 18th highest priced midfielder I chose to sell him at £2.50. I bought him at £2.07. I think Lookman I may sell if he reaches close to £3 next. Buy cheap and sell higher.

  • Had foden at 72p, sold for 1.55. Never thought he would rise much more.

    I don't understand the reasoning. Take a player like Lewis Cook who is a 1st team regular, young and a potential England player, playing more football than Foden and is only 1.28?
    Foden may not improve if he doesn't get the games behind him.

  • @Joking

    A fair assessment, but another perspective is to look at Foden as an 18yo playing for the Premier League champions, against Cook as a 21yo playing for mid-table mediocrities.

    If you’re taking a gamble on the next Paul Scholes, you don’t look to Bournemouth.

    (I own both).

  • @playingcards1 cook has a real chance of getting a transfer, if he is playing then PB are possible. More likely down to bigger clubs having more fans who purchase there own players. As a Leeds fan,, I ain't wasting my money on those useless bunch of *****

  • @Joking Foden is an attacking player which scores more highly for PB. Cook isn't a good PB scorer.

  • Foden needs a loan, end.

  • @HappyLarry59855 cook plays most games, Foden does not

  • @Joking I know but Foden is 4 or 5 years younger. The reason people buy Foden is potential rather than current ability as-well. I held Cook myself and then sold when he was in the England squad.

  • In the starting 11 for Man City tonight .

  • played very well with the double

  • Will be unpopular but I honestly don't think he has improved that much in the last couple of years, he needs a loan next season.

  • great performance from him tonight, I had to stop myself from buying into him mainly because he just don't get into the man city team, he just seems to be playing these cup games and that don't warrant hes price

  • @NewUser82416 we'll have him at Leicester

  • @Azer182 Thoughts on Puel?

    Think he gets unfairly criticised at times. Yes, some of his selections are strange but I think the players have let him down in the last few games, you were very good against United/Spurs. He can lack ambition at times though but Tielemans looked really good the other day. A front 6 of Ndidi, Tielemans, Barnes, Maddison, Gray and Vardy could be very exciting.

  • @NewUser82416 they will never win the league again with that manager lets put it that way

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