Goalkeeper situation this window

  • Hi guys.
    Lots of speculation and I expect things to start moving once the Allison deal is done. Aside from that there's possible moves for Courtois, Pickford, schmeichel and then that will have a knock on effect. Real Madrid were after Kepa all last season and I don't see why he wouldn't be a good buy for the likes of Everton if they lost pickford and Kepa is still only 50p. Don't usually do goalkeepers but what do you guys reckon?

  • Ooh I say

  • There is no point in buying a goalkeeper, they wont win PB.

    I know Allison has won a lot of MB but that is very unusual.

    Expect his price to drop a lot in a few months when people realise this.

  • We can hold the shares for three years. Allison is winning media buzz due to being the worlds most expensive goalkeeper. He also benefits on FI by having one name that seems to be used in headlines a lot so drives up the media buzz. I am new to this but have taken a punt that the media buzzes will cover my costs on the player and thus far this is on track.

  • @NewUser149272

    That’s fine while its transfer business.

    When games kick in you will find the MB winner will be a player who scores a goal or is generally very good. His price will drop below the top 200 pretty quick imo, its already near the bottom at around £2, the cut off being about £1.74 and as more people join that will only get higher.

  • Kepa has a €80m release clause and Bilbao don't need the money as they only sign Basque players therefore they would only sell for that amount. Can't see Everton paying that. Long term hold sure, but if Real sign Courtois I'd argue their probably isn't another club willing to match that amount, unless Chelsea do switch attention to him, making him not the great FI prospect IMO. Having said that he's already jumped 30p so hope you go in already!

  • @MountSUFC Chelsea in for him. He's up 30p on the 50p I paid for him last week though

  • Yep Alisson has definitely skewed the GK market, as rightly mentioned the WR price and singular name has created a bit of Media Buzz anomaly. If he does drop out of the Top 200 which could well happen then there will be a LOT of traders holding GK's and thinking WHY? (unless they get their own category but that's an entirely different story in itself).

    So in my opinion, well done to those who've rode the GK train and made money on it but it's one that could seriously derail at any moment so be careful.

  • @Porkisgood Seen that since my post, good job you got in early!

  • It's a big release clause too. Could he go as high as Allison? 🤔😍😍

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