PB Scoring

  • Think this has been discussed before but the extra 40 points you get for "game winning" goal has to change. Mbappe's goal counting double in a 5-1 win is just plain silly. I get where they're coming from in that some goals are more important than others but the current system doesn't work.
    One suggestion I have is you only get the game winning goal bonus if it's scored in the final 10 minutes (10 arbitrarily chosen, but you get the point). I'd be ok with a 97th minute winner scoring extra points but not a 59th minute winner that is followed by 3 more goals.
    Thoughts / suggestions?

  • @Blue-Python

    A game is 90 minutes, goals are worth the same regardless of when they're scored. They should be equal points whether they win a game or not.

    A goal keeper can make a 'game winning save' but they don't get bonus points.

  • Agree with this completely, at most the game winning goal should be worth 20pts. Today Mbappe won the PB even though 2 strikers on his team (neymar and cavani) had better performances (neymar got a 10 on whoscored.com for instance), and would have both beaten him had it not been for the 'game winning goal' -
    a goal that was really no more important to winning the game than the others.

    This is performance buzz and should be rewarding overall performance not just whoever happens to get the goal that happens to be one more than the opposition scored.

  • My original thought that it would only be awarded where the game was a draw and the winning goal was to make it 3-2. I was proven wrong. But I still think my suggestion would be far better. Since that really is the winning goal. It adds to the excitement too.

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