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  • Hi all,

    I have been working on a data analysis solution that gives us averages, minimums, maximums of player prices and buzz values! The pages are fully interactive and has multiple filters plus visuals to give you indicators and trends where a player is overvalued or a bargain!

    It's in it Alpha stages but wanted to get a feel if anyone would be interested in this info.

    I have a list of additional information that would be useful such as players next 6 games and last 6 games results, number of cards, team penalty takers etc. Any other requirements would be appreciated. Happy to share some screenshots at this stage too.

    Once in beta, I can give details of the URL of the for a free trial. The end game will be £3/4 a month thereafter for access to all data.

    Would this interest anyone?


  • @AlejandroVilla you'd be entering a busy market place but welcome to the party.

    Currently there are the following data providers

    Free - indexgain - pb wins, values, roi over time periods. Limited to 10 searches a day I think atm.

    £1 a month - my data product. Pb, mb scores, dividends, winners, goals, gwg, clean sheets, base pb, max pb, average pb, profit and loss function, set piece takers. Between 3 and 11 months worth of data depending on which data point you are after.

    £6 a month? - edge - pb, mb scores, dividends, something like 5 million data points back over a year

    £5 a month- FI scout - similar functionality you describe plus some extras.

  • @Noirx4 if anyone would like a free sample of all serie a data email

  • @Noirx4 Cheers for the quick reply. I've tested each product and feel this solution is more user friendly which is very important.

    Plus, if you don't want to pay in GBP, there will be an option to pay in CryptoCurrency ;)

    Will be interesting to see if anyone is will to collab to build the best solution possible, even for FI guys to potentially get involved.

  • @AlejandroVilla Yep a nice interface definitely helps and good communication / customer service plus knowing what your role in the market is.

    Another important point is you can't interact with the FI API as they really don't like that and will order you to cease and desist pretty sharpish

  • @Noirx4 Good for the heads up! Good thing I couldn't find the API! :P

  • data analysis solution ... feel like I am back in work.

    You'd probably need to match Noir's £1 a month price I reckon.

  • @mike778 What you doing mike don't make him compete with me leave him competing with the big fish 😂😂😂 don't listen to him @AlejandroVilla your pricing model is a ok 😂😂

  • @AlejandroVilla gr8 idea mate, but I get everything I need for a whopping £1 a month. Even if you offered it for 50p I don’t think I’d bother setting up the new transaction just coz...well just because lol.

    Sorry for joking, just don’t see u doing well when your competing with the already sound product.

  • @Rosco8P6Coltrane Cheers for the feedback. Problem I found though is that the products that do exists are not comprehensive enough or is just a mass of data on the screen in a spreadsheet. The product will be mobile friendly too which I think is a huge advantage for those on the go.

    For anyone interested, I have screenshots to share so PM me your email. Any suggestions will have free access for a time period too.

  • @mike778 There will be a £1 option :)

  • I find noirx data mobile friendly. You just need the excel app

  • Hi all,

    Our website is now in BETA

    Please feel free to sign up for a free trial. Those who submit feedback will have a longer free trial period.

    The site is in constant development as we want to give back to the FI community as much as we can. Please keep an eye on the page for FREE data plus additional stats.

    Please email or use the feedback form if you have any questions.

    All the best .

  • @AlejandroVilla

    Clicked the link and got the message

    Looks Like This Domain Isn't
    Connected To A Website Yet!

  • @AlejandroVilla same here

  • @AlejandroVilla not connected yet mate

  • I was able to get onto it when you first posted but am now not.

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