Moving Index Forward

  • Some thoughts whilst waiting for the missus.

    1. Dividends

    Sooner or later these need to go up, instead of just adding 10% or whatever I would give out 4 new PBs all valued at half-price (like star player so 2/4/6p)

    1. Keeper
    2. Under 19 player of the day
    3. Give out second place prized for the three main PBs
    4. Best minor league (Holland/Portugal) player of the day

    This would close to double PB but it would open up the keepers market, make players in holland and portugal more tradeable and would alleviate fraustration where your player gets his best score of the season but is pipped to PB. The Youth player thing would be very populate and will mitigate against my next points.

    2. Reduce the 3 year rule to 18 months
    This wont be popular but its give and take. If you want higher dividends then you may need to give something back. The index needs trading and it doesn't need people holding on to say Naymar for 3 years and picking up dividends along the way. People buying youngsters wont be happy but we do have the new proposed kids dividend to try and appease them.

    3. IPOs
    Suugest they move back to friday. Get rid of the random time - its not good for normal people to be constantly checking. Friday can be IPO day again with all players suggested that week IPOd at Friday at 1pm. By launching them at the same time, it gives people a bit more of a chance to get players they want. Users cannot buy more than 100 in the first hour to try and hold back bots.

    4. Drop unowned players price by 1p a week
    Self- explanatory.

  • @mike778 I agree with number 4. I do think dividends need increasing also, but I would keep it simple, so 2nd and 3rd place players for MB and PB receive dividends also.

    1. dividends
      not sure bout the first 3 but I wud introduce minor divs for the minor leagues (dutch, Belgian, Portuguese and Russian say), wud encourage people to diversify their portfolios. which in turn may keep a lid on the higher priced players as money flows elsewhere.

    2, I cud live with this. if u cant make over the 2% commission it takes to sell and buy back immediately in 18months then maybe its the wrong player to hold...

    1. fair enough.

    2. yeah, why not.

  • Game with 3 and 4. With 2 maybe 18 months is too short, I could live with 2 years

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