My Chosen Youngsters.

  • Said earlier I’d upload my young prospect list so here it is...with my own reasons for holds. Plan on holding for 2 years unless the obvious shocks occur. Hope this helps anyone new or old to the platform. (I’ve personally watched these guys and I personally like them)

    Ps I do have a EL/CL selection of 20 players but they are a lot more expensive and I haven’t afforded my 100 share goal in each yet so won’t let on about those just yet)

    All of these I have 100 in each which set me back just over a grand. Will look to set a sell price once order books are here.

    1. Ethan Ampadu 17, Chelsea, 2 wales caps, achieved premier league appearance and looks good.

    2. Jan-Fiete Arp 18, Scored a couple of times last year Bundesliga, prolific for U17 Germany.

    3. Amine Gouiri 18, Lyon, leading scorer last summers U17 euro, made appearences for Lyon last year.

    4. Justin Kluivert 18, Ajax, hatrick nov17, ended 17/18 with 10 goals.

    5. Pedro Neto 18, still a bargain imo.

    6. Malang Sarr 18, looks solid many top clubs keeping an eye.

    7. Ferran Torress 18, winger with considerable promise.

    8. Hannes Wolf 19, classy prospect, scored 4 goals in 4 consecutive games last August, 17 UEFA youth winner.

    9. Callum Hudson - Odoi 17, powerful and skilful, just signed a 5 year deal at Chelsea with a new number shirt and could feature somewhat next year.

    10. Matthias de Ligt 18, at 17 played in Europa final, 7 senior caps, played well for Ajax.

  • @Rosco8P6Coltrane I used to hold Jann Fiete Arp but hasn't he signed a new contract at Hamburg who got relegated?

  • Ferran torres

  • @Stevo

    Yes he has but he will be playing first team football rather than being in Bayerns reserves so it will be better for him

  • @Ricky it will be better for him as a young footballer but from an FI point of view there will be pressure on him to perform in the lower league to raise his profile as he is now no longer eligible for PB.

    Having said that he probably will do well in the lower league but depends how long he stays with Hamburg for.

  • @Stevo true but ditto on Ricky’s comment. He is good and it ain’t a quick flip, fingers crossed I spose and leave the youngsters be for a while. now to sort the rest of me CL/EL ones out...that’s costing me £150ish for 1 future in each so it’s a slow build up. But fun which is good.

  • Jordi mboula is a good young prospect and I think he will go far

  • Some good calls in my opinion. Ampadu and Sarri, made for each other.

  • @NewUser140744
    Why would that be? Same hairstyle?

  • @NewUser140744 he looks good, Odoi looks even better, I’d be happy if they get a few sub appearances and maybe feature in the lesser cup games.

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