Liverpool Centre Backs

  • With the injury to Matip and Lovren never really nailing down his place does anybody think they will buy another or stick with Gomez and Klaven - It looks to me like they are just 1 quality centre half away from a great team.

  • Yeah they should be able to buy a trophy this season

  • They were rumoured with numerous cb’s but I wouldn’t be surprised if that was in defensively. Don’t forget they still have vvd so probably him the rest rotating around. Klopp has preferred Gomez at rb but with Clyne back from injury and TAA doing so well, Gomez should be given a shot at cb as he has shown promise for England at cb

  • @FranklynMary

    That was my thoughts but just read they are looking at Lovren's international teammate Vida, but would imagine Lovren would not be keen on losing his club place to him

  • @NewUser148864
    Vida is linked to what seems like 5-6 clubs. Either way VVD will be the mainstay. They will no doubt rotate the rest anyway. They'll be in for all other competitions so plenty of competition

  • @Ed093 out of curiosity who besides leicester would you say hasn't bought the premier league?

  • @Ed093

    Just read that Liverpool officials are due at Besiktas tomorrow morning

  • @Noirx4 true but when Chelsea city and United did the Scousers never shut up

  • @Ed093 ..Liverpool have made money through the sales of top players..Liverpools net profit regarding transfers is positive which shows that it's not the case of owners pumping money it's Actually through the sales of players like Suarez,Sterling and Coutinho.

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