How often does price increase/decrease?

  • Just want to know how much volatility there is in the market place, will I see price move throughout the day or is there a set time when prices are changed and then you see P/L? And also has this grown with the growth of the platform?
    Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask this question

  • So the price increase / decrease happens when someone buys / sells a player, so simply put it could happen at anytime. The inaccurate rule of thumb is buy 100 +1p, sell 100 -1p.

    Regarding an individual player's volatility it really depends on what's happening, there are players who haven't moved for months!! There are others who will be very volatile - you want to think about why people are buying / selling that player - transfer rumours / chasing MB are examples that cause volatility.

    I'd say that as the Index has expanded the volatility has increased but not at the same rate as the Index - there are plenty examples from last year of dramatic volatility to rival anything now - Griezmann / James Rodriguez / Lewandowski / Morata are some I can think of from last summer who shot up / down based on transfer spec.

  • Most prices across the platform have risen over time. This will increase further across the platform in the future, coupled with the advertising coming next season you should have a safe bet with quite a lot of players.

    Things to look out for are the recent history of a player. (If he’s gone up 40p in 24 hours then you have probably missed his increase and better to not jump on)

    If your worried about these quick increases and decreases i assume your looking for quick winners? ... very hard to judge and if your not on reports/feeds/Twitter most of the day and night you ain’t gonna be first on.

    If your new to the platform, do some research for young prospects, pick say ... 10 then buy some in each and leave for a season.

    If your interest is making dividends do some research and use the data to see who’s performed well last season.

    My advice don’t try and make quick money your most likely lose a tiny bit of money and be discouraged from carrying on. Build a small steady portfolio, don’t rush and enjoy the season. The platform will grow and grow so be patient and stick around.

  • @AT10 Thanks for your help, Im just trying to get a feel for the market and why it moves and how at the moment. Starting to understand it more now! thanks again!

  • Hey @Rosco8P6Coltrane
    Not really sure what i will be basing my buys on at the moment but I'm leaning towards the actual performance of a player on the pitch so young players might be the way to go as you say, although i did buy 1 share in Isco without actually looking into how it works so will probably just hold that on the hope he performs this season.
    Yea i think quick money isn't the way here, like you say as the platform grows so will prices i guess.
    thanks for your help!

  • @SB No worries!

    Biggest recommendation is a balanced portfolio. You'll find people promoting every type of investment - media magnets, performance buzz stars, young players, transfer prospects etc. but none of them are bullet proof.

  • @SB young players are good for overall growth if your willing to hold for a couple years...they won’t return any dividends though unless rumoured to a big transfer. But if picked right you could do well and double your investment in a year or 2.

    I personally have 11 youngsters and 20 dividend chasers that will feature in EL/CL next season.

  • @AT10 @Rosco8P6Coltrane Thanks guys! balanced portfolio seems to be the way to go as you both say. will get to scouting online lol

  • How do you sell instantly. I'm new to this. Every time I press sell instantly it just has a circle as if it loads then flashes

  • There tends to be trends through gossip it’s depends on who flavour of the month is ,research patients and instinct is my formular if u get it right you can build a pretty good portfolio on here

  • @NewUser159028 Im not too sure tbh, I have sold before and haven't had any issues when clicking sell instantly. Only thing i could suggest is trying a different browser maybe?

  • @Mazza-magic Yea I'm starting to see the correlation of gossip and price increases, if FI can attract many more new customers/traders to the market place i can see overall prices really increasing and it becoming fairly big which i guess is good news for us all as more people buying means more potential profits for us all!

  • @SB thankyou will try.

  • @Rosco8P6Coltrane I agree. I held Hudson Odoi and Lookman and then when they shout up by 80p over 3 months I sold them and went for players that are 80p cheaper than they are now.

  • @Rosco8P6Coltrane Augustin won me dividends and so did O. Dembele and they're both young.

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