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  • So I was on hear some time ago, made a relatively tidy profit in a few months before cashing out and spending it all... I’ve now decided as I have some more funds to get involved again.
    I previously spent time analysing/comparing players and their pricing along with using my knowledge of the game before investing in players I felt we’re underpriced and had potential to meet the pricing of their peers of similar ability.

    This worked well for me. Now I’m back I’m doing the same thing. Here’s a list of my initial thoughts of the players I consider to be underpriced. What do you think? Anyone else you think fits in the bracket?

    Van Dijk

    Cheers Stuart

  • @Stuart-H they are all a bit exposed surely? How much more do they have in them unless they turn into neymar overnight??
    Although I have a few Firmino I’m holding at a small loss, a newby buy, that I need to offload!
    You should buy a few thousand so I can make a few pence 😂

  • @Stuart-H depends what strategy you using

  • Willian underpriced? Hmm.. not sure, His average is around £2.15...sure you don't wanna sign up to my site? ;)
    Suarez? Yeah, I'll give you that.
    Cavani is a gamble IMHO.
    Van Dijk is hitting his peak? What is your thoughts for why so cheap?
    Going to ignore Firmini until proven wrong by the fella on the pitch.

    Thanks for the heads on Luis though!

  • @Ringers you could argue that with a lot of players on the FI but these are players in their prime who I’d expect to increase by at least 60-70p up to Christmas plus a few dividends in there. They are unlikely to decrease significantly in price. I guess it comes down to strategy. Lumping on and making a nice short term profit and if they don’t shine then they’ll do enough to sustain their price.

    Aguero is another one

  • @AlejandroVilla Willian, a player in the Brazil squad valued at £2.53 yet Martial is a £3.24 player? Zaha £2.69.... there’s easy money to be made if not on the transfer speculation along.

    Can’t say I know your site, this is my first post in many months!

    Suarez £2.22 - you’re welcome!
    Cavani £1.93 is a gamble worth taking 🤣

    Van Dijk £2.24 - first full season at Liverpool, new keeper behind him. Guaranteed dividends and everyone will want a piece of the action.

    Firmino £3.06... up there with the best in the prem.

    Put current prices besides them so I can review at Christmas 🤣

  • @Stuart-H #shamelessplug fi-traders.com

    Good shout on Van Dijk. Think I may wait until a few weeks after the season starts, He is having a decent pre season!

  • @AlejandroVilla Firmino will compete against Salah most weeks who's better for PB. So that will keep his value limited. Van Dijk I totally agree with. Aguero either scores exceptionally or poorly. Not sure how well he'll do next season. And Willian is up against hazard!

  • Slowly but surely, the recognised names will get higher, when you look at someone like sane who is near £4 I cant help but look at barkley at £1.79 and think he will only go higher, all it needs is a few goals and regular paying time. There are probably other players like that but my pick is Barkley.

  • @NewUser60527 yeah was tempted by him too but think he’s too much of a risk. Going to wait a week or so and see if he’s likely to play regularly.

    I’m now adding Diego Costa to the list at £2.09. Guarantees goals and MB

  • I would also say with Barkley he has been injured for pretty much a year and that reflects his current price. The potential is there.

    Anyway enough of me selling Barkley......

  • @NewUser60527 how much are your percent losses on him? 😉

  • No losses , I brought him at £1.50 about 10 days ago.

    I just thought barkley, new manager, pre-season, still young, England prospect, what’s not to like, market growing, seem cheap to me.

  • Ive held Erik lamela for a year now Had 440got bored and sold half i intend to keep the rest for 2 years new 4 year contract very close to winning PB last day Of season 25/26 years old Attacking Playmaker who can score cant go china or USA Has tied down now at £1-22 still really cheap for a top 4 reguler starting attacking player!! If You put him next to Lucas Moura whos 1-91 and gets less playing time whats not to like?

  • @Chicken-Badge You make too much sense. A guy called Phil Foden is already £2.20ish and he hasn't had more than 10 league games. Buy players who you think are going to be billed as the next big thing onstead who are young. They shoot up higher like Foden has, even than players twice as good as them like Lamela.

  • @Stuart-H

    None of them are value PB plays with the possible exception of Cavani

    If you're looking for MB to make up the difference the problem with that plan is that they all have team mates with much bigger media profiles (Salah/Hazard/Neymar/Messi)

  • @Dave-C

    Yeh I agree; this is on the money. If Neymar or Messi score a game winning hattrick in a regular league game, there’s a good chance the UK press will put them in contention for MB.

    The same won’t happen with Cavani or Suarez. And they’re much less likely to even score the hattrick as the penalty / FK opportunities and team setups fall to them less often.

    If you want an underpriced player who might be in contention for PB, I’d probably look for an £1 and under gem who other people might have missed...

  • Luis Muriel – had a bad season at Sevilla last season, but at 64p can’t see how you can go too wrong as he has the talent to be a decent striker at a Europa League club. He’ll either come good for Sevilla, or take a step back and become the main striker at a middling club in a PB league (probably Italy where he has done well in the past and is highly regarded).

    Marco Benassi – at 61p I reckon he’s the most undervalued player I’ve seen on Football Index. A solid, passing central midfielder who will be one of the first names on the team sheet at Fiorentina. Has a decent chance of breaking into the Italy national team. Has recently taken a hit due to Milan being re-instated into the Europea League (and Fiorentina being kicked out) so is at a very low price. I actually bought into him at 70p so am sitting at a loss, but I’m confident he’ll be up at 90p or above at some point this season.

  • @NewUser115892 I held him when he was around 35p and then he doubled for some reason. I still think he is a good buy now, though I sold him at around 40p or something. I got bored of him. Still I've made money elsewhere after I sold him.

  • Problem for Suarez, firmino and cavani is they are competing against Messi, salah and Neymar for PB every game!

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