Valencia injured

  • With Valencia and dalot injured,is fosu-Mensah going to get some minutes? I was Impressed with him at palace last season and could have a big future

  • Rojo and Valencia are at 75p hes at 89p so Maybe him getting playing Time will bring his price inline with Valencia!!! He started off at 40p so more than double in value now.... id not Re-mortgage my house due to the Valencia injury :-D :-D :-D

  • Probably be loaned again.

    New centre back should come, hopefully Maguire.

    P Jones can cover at right back with Valencia and Dalot injured.

    My take anyway.

  • We play Utd early doors I'm praying that Phil Jones is covering at right-back :-)

  • @Agatello fosu mensah was on the golden boy list. Think he might be worth a try. Not that I think Mourinho will!

  • @John-Renwick TFM and Tuanzebe looked primed for a starring role last season but faded out... similar to McTominay.

    Apart from De Gea, Matic and Lukaku I'd hate to put my hat on Utd's first choice 11.

    On the trading front who would you say represented best VFM in the Utd defence?

  • Shaw because its looks like we aren’t buying a left back, sold blind. Young getting older.
    He was really good before his leg break, it takes a couple of years to come back from an injury like that, could be his season.

    Also he could easily break into the England team, would be added MB value.

  • @NewUser60527

    Just mentioned in another thread that I'm backing Shaw. Think England might be stretching it, but if he plays to the best of his ability he'll have time to make it impossible to take him out when others are fit!!

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