Now what?

  • Amazing rise in the market today, put me in a great position of being able to get rid of some players that have been deadwood in my portfolio for a tidy profit.

    But now what, where to invest? I feel like I'm looking at some really over inflated prices across the board now, much harder to spot a decent bargain or value for money.

    I've not experienced a crazy boom like this, but then guess nobody else has. Normally with the trader meet bonuses the market dips before then reacts to bring everything level/slightly improved.

    Once everybody has received their 10% can we expect a big drop across the board back to where we were 24hrs ago... Or will everyone leave the money in and this is now what the going rate is for players? What do you all think?

  • @Safri15 i guess the simplest way to start answering that is what will you be doing? Leaving it in or taking it out?

  • @Noirx4

    I didn't deposit, which to me makes my portfolio increase even sweeter as didn't cost me a penny lol

  • sit wait and watch on the side lines with patience. There's bound to be a dip come next week after all the rises as no one has been allowed to take out their money for a fair while and there will be some tempted to sell and cash out a bit. However, tomorrow's pay day so it's possible there will be a fair bit more upside to come first though, and then when people are able to withdraw I'd expect a bit of a correction in prices but that will be counteracted by other people investing their 10% free money.

  • This is something I’ve been pondering all day. Some players I have at a good price for the upcoming season so I won’t be selling. But ones I’ve bought recently, I’m wondering if they’ll drop back near the price I bought them and therefore is it worth cashing out over the next couple days and then buying back in when/if they drop? If they drop then it pays off but if they don’t and they’re players I want to hold, then I’d have to buy back in at a higher amount. I’ll probs leave them but surely a drop is bound to happen as some people take their profits. I think most players will stay above what they were 24 hours ago though so should be fine. Unsure about what players I’d buy right now though, with some big rises, could get burned with a drop. Let’s see what the next few days bring!

  • I'm depositing but gotta choose wisely cos some players are overpriced. But a couple of my PB players for next season have now become overpriced, I've listed and sold them and will buy back in when the sell off I think will happen, happens.

  • I put in £500 and I will be sticking with what I have and investing my £50 bonus too, I hope others do the same. As someone said earlier I think there will be plenty of people withdrawing but there will be a lot of bonus money to be invested too so hopefully it will balance out, I think the prices they are today is what they will be on 2nd August as we will see decent rises over the next few days still and any losses come 2nd august will probably get us back to the position we are currently at.

  • I must admit I'm a little worried about what'll happen on the 1st. I have a few players still in my portfolio that have risen considerably after the deposit bonus. I've started selling them off early and will buy back in on the second. Might cost me but think I'm willing to take the risk.

  • I had a strategy & 20 player portfolio I was happy with before yesterday's activity, so I just used the deposit opportunity to top up what I had. I'll stick to my strategy & wont withdraw & will top up further with my 10%. Don't overtrade & let the commission kill you

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