Harry maguire

  • Quite new to this.. just wondering if anyone else would consider buying in to him now? I know he is reasonably high at the min but is down today from yesterday does anyone think he will go back over 3 quid or is he going to decrease further? Any opinions would be good to hear

  • @NewUser24858

    Don't touch him mate. He is over-inflated, just like his massive heed.

  • @johnboywalker brilliant and true!

  • @NewUser24858 he is currently the 2nd highest defender at 290. The other 5 in the top six play for Man City, Bayern and Real.

    If reports are to be believed he will either be a Utd player or Leicester player next season (I think Leicester, they don’t need the cash, he has ages left on his contract, they didn’t sell mahrez when he wanted to go)

    The top utd defender is Shaw, 163.
    Top Leicester is Pereira 99.

    He might be better than them, but if he’s a Leicester player he isn’t £2 better, and doesn’t deserve to be hanging around the same price as Otomendi and Kimmich

  • Personally think you've missed the boat on Maguire now. Think his price only has one way to go once the 1st arrives, might get a few dividends on the way, but not enough to cover it IMO.

    I think Luke Shaw is the Utd defender to go for. He's got a lot more growth in him seeing as Utd have no other options in his position, and he's looking good pre-season. About to break into the top 200 to...

  • The most expensive defender on the index aint kicked a ball in a top five league!!! Crazy

  • @Chicken-Badge
    Harry Maguire plays for Leicester in the English Premier League

  • @Chicken-Badge
    Or did you mean for a top five club in a PB league?

  • @Specksynder said in Harry maguire:

    Harry Maguire plays for Leicester in the English Premier League

    The most expensive defender is Ryan Sessegnon Of Fulham was £3 before They even got promoted to EPL

  • @Chicken-Badge
    He’s now classed as a midfielder, but he probably was the most expensive defender at one point.

  • @Specksynder said in Harry maguire:

    He’s now classed as a midfielder, but he probably was the most expensive defender at one point.

    I held him when he was £1 and sure he was a wingback then! I dont know at What point They changed his possition the more worry to me is the fact he got to £3 before They was promoted i an suprised It says winger i asked for Son changing and They wouldnt due to opta data! Asked If Erokhen could have his Real name Of Yerokhen That also aint happened so great They changed his possition so apologys hes now not a defender i didnt spot the change

  • @Chicken-Badge
    I can’t remember exactly when but they changed a bunch of players’ positions not that long ago

  • Feel good story, loads of links to united who are only likely to be after one more player, England international. Only £3. Leicester don't want to sell so looks like a transfer saga. Triple media for the next week before the bonus money drops out of the index. He could easily get 20p+ in dividends over the week. Little price rise to go with it and you could get 10% ROI if you get out at the right time. If not you could be left with a £1.50 player that you paid £3 for.

    Risky but could be worth it.

  • @Ozzlebert

    Ye went for it in the end spent 100 on him paid 2.9 so up 22p at the min with at least today winning mb just need to decide when he will start to decline.. thanks for all the tips guys

  • @NewUser24858 good trade so far! If you see him in a united shirt and you still have shares. It's too late. I think we will see corrections on most players come the start of August. Big correction for him coming when he moves, even bigger if he doesn't move.

  • Deal to united back on? Apparently looking for a replacement already?

  • Man Utd are back in talks for Toby Alderverield
    If they get him Maguire will not be signed.

    Toby is a million miles ahead of Maguire in terms of ability

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