Curious Case of Loic Perrin

  • I just wonder if there is a high demand for this St Etienne defender at £2.12 or did he IPO close to this price.?
    I have never heard of him and he seems to flatline in the last 3 months. Anyone have shares in him to justify his price tag.
    3 month's ago the best productive defenders in the world were worth less than him so I need enlightening.

  • @NewUser144202 curious indeed.
    33 in a fortnight
    Been at the same club since 2003 having come from the youth ranks? Contract til 2020.

    Not an up and coming youngster and not going to hit media buzz.

  • Yep, he IPOed too high to offer value. There are a few examples like this, although with the market growth it may change one day.

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