Fantasy Premier League (FPL) High Rollers!

  • Hey all,

    Just wondering if there would be much uptake if i setup a mini-league on the official fantasy premier league website with an entry fee which pays out a monthly prize and end-of-season prizes.

    This is how it would work:

    30 people paying a £100 entry fee each = £3,000k prize pool (can be scaled up or down depending on interest). 100% of this money is paid back out in cash to winners, i.e. no admin fee / commission.

    50% of this (£1,500) would be for the manager of the month (most points accumulated in that specific month as defined by official FPL website). There are 10 months (no June or July) and whoever gets the most points that month wins £150.

    The other 50% (£1,500) becomes the overall prize at the end of the season - split £1,200 for 1st place and £300 for 2nd place.

    The official fantasy premier league mini-league setup already clearly defines rules, monthly & overall positions so no issues on that part.

    Money would be to be paid before the start of the season (obviously), 10th of August. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions where to keep it (as there may be trust issues of making bank transfers to one individuals private bank account)

    Any interest?

  • Sounds great! I would be very interested. Prefer the idea of payout for full season rather than monthly though.

    No idea how to get around bank issue. Does FPL not offer to hold the money? I know the sun did before.

  • I'm interested

  • I'm keen

  • @CheesyG Unfortunately they offer no facility for pay-to-play leagues.

    There are a couple of websites setup for fantasy football paid leagues but they follow different rule sets / player values and i think it is better / fairer to stick to the official site & style that everyone is used to.

    I have another league like this that i pay to enter and everyone just transfers their money to this one guys bank account who keeps it and sends monthly updates and always pays everyone who is due straight away but they are not taking new entries. I think everyone is kind of a friend of a friend there so less trust issues.

    The best i have seen is 'paypal groups' - i setup the 'group' on paypal...let's call it 'FI FPL High Rollers' and send the payment details to everyone that has joined the league. Everyone then pays the entry fee and can see the total balance and who has paid. Anybody that doesn't pay gets kicked out the FPL mini-league the day before the season starts.

    Whilst this is nice and transparent, everyone still needs to be aware the money is ultimately still controlled by the person who set the group up.

    @CheesyG … Open to it just being one bigger end of season prize, will see what the rest of the feedback is. I think if 10+ people post there interest on the forum group that indicates enough interest to set this up with an expectation of circa 30 entries.

  • You can make prize pools on the Telegraph Fantasy Football.

    It’s a slightly different metric but still decent.

  • Use to be able to on sun dream aswell. Not sure if it’s still the case we just do it on word at work then pay up at the end of the season

  • @playingcards1 - Definitely want to keep it on the official fantasy premier league interface as this is the one most people use and are most familiar with. It is a pity they don't have a money system setup like Telegraph or Sun though :S

    @Rosco8P6Coltrane - We have a similar system at work but i don't think this would work in this context. Money needs to be paid upfront otherwise certain people that are not doing so well may never pay-up...or possibly just leave the FI environment for whatever reason and therefore forget.

    Once i can show that the first season we do goes well then subsequent seasons would be very easy with repeat members already knowing it is fine and recommending it to others.

  • This is the best option i can find which i think would work well if people are willing...

    I still think it would be nice with small monthly prizes and a bigger end of season prize - means that after 7-8 months someone that is clearly not going to win the overall prize can still win a monthly prize.


    Overall winner - 60% (£1,800 based on 30 entries at £100)
    10 x monthly winner - 40% (10 x £120)

    Can always scale up the entry fee after the first successful season but £100 in seems appropriate for now.

  • Is this gunna happen? Or are we lacking numbers

  • Yep I'm sure we have enough people to make it interesting. It will still be fun even with 6+ people (hopefully around 15) and it would then grow massively for the season after.

    Here is what we will do:

    1. I have just created the league - called 'FI High Rollers' - the code to join is 448507-586037 on the official fantasy premier league website -

    2. Please only join ASAP - but only if you have the intention of paying £100 before the season starts

    3. Money to be paid before 19:00 on Friday 10th Aug (this is the official FPL deadline to have your full squad submitted for game-week 1. This is 1 hour before the first game kicks-off (Man Utd vs Leicester)

      3a. Payment to be made via Paypal pools - i have set one up for this specific purpose -

      3b. Anybody who joins the league but hasn't made payment by 19:00 Friday will be deleted from the league.

    4. 100% of the entry money will be paid out to the winner. This is the person who is top of the league once FPL confirms scores are finalised after the last game of the season on 12th May 2019.

  • Personally I won't be in, but will let my mates know who don't use FI as there are a few that I imagine will be interested.

  • @Safri15 Absolutely fine - the more the merrier, thanks!

  • Just noticed this post after I posted a similar one in the off topic forum. I had the same idea but was not sure about the money holding situation. How many teams currently in the league?

    I would join but have all the money invested at the moment (need Middleborough and Aston Villa to win tonight for some money to become available)

  • @Killer-Catt
    I've replied to your other post with the code for a no money down league already set up.

  • @Matt-FI said in Fantasy Premier League (FPL) High Rollers!:


    Thanks Matt, great idea, I'm in

    Hopefully enough people will join to make the prize pot viable

  • Joined 👍

  • @Killer-Catt I only set it up a few hours ago and we already have 5 people. I anticipate 15 by the deadline which is this Friday at 7pm. I then expect 1 or 2 will forget to pay between the Wednesday & Friday deadlines and would unfortunately need to be kicked out so i am still hopeful of 10+ proper players with a £1k+ prize pot

  • @Matt-FI

    Hi Matt, can you confirm how the prize money is being allocated for the avoidance of doubt?


  • @Dave-C - see point 4.

    1. 100% of the entry money will be paid out to the winner. This is the person who is top of the league once FPL confirms scores are finalised after the last game of the season on 12th May 2019.

    So basically there will be exactly one winner who wins 100%. This will be number of players x £100. Currently 6 players so that is £600 at the moment but i fully expect it will be £1k+ before the deadline.

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