Fantasy Premier League (FPL) High Rollers!

  • ** September Update **

    So we are a bit further into the FPL season now with certain players emerging as great holds whilst other hopefuls are already fading away.

    It was a great September for Shana T who acquired an impressive 260 points. An inspired choice acquiring and sticking with Wolves keep Patricio in goal...racking up serious scores!

    Overall Joe P still leads the way although it is very close at the top and at these early stages everybody is still in striking distances of a top 2 (cash prize) finish.

    Good luck for the rest of October, after today's 3 fixtures there are only 2 more game weeks this month!

  • ** October Update **

    It is all change at the top as early leader Joe P drops down to 3rd and outside of the prize money places.

    Shanel T moves into 2nd place (£500 prize slot) after an excellent October and looks well setup for November with 3 big Man City players plus Hazard, Salah & Alonso.

    Matt F (that's me!) moves top of the pile into the £1k prize slot. No particularly spectacular game weeks but they have all been consistently good.

    Very few points separate the league though so still everything to play for!

  • what's the point totals?

  • @Keegan's-Bluff are you in the league? If so login to FPL and you can see the participants in order ranked by total points.

    Otherwise, the current leading score is 711 points.

  • no, i'm not but play FPL and was curious. 711 is good, must be around 15k overall?

  • Now 749 points which is rank 5,164

  • sterling and aguero? very nice.

  • *** End of November Update ***

    Hope you are all still enjoying FPL as we enter a season defining period (and sorry for the slight delay with the update - had a long weekend away without internet)

    A few of you posted some monster scores in November. Pete M (It's Coming Home) was top of the pile, he accumulated a massive 238 points for the month. Although Mark H, Gary R & Patrick J all managed 230+ scores - congrats.

    The overall leaders from the end of October (Matt F & Shanel T) had fairly average November sessions but still retain the cash prize positions overall of 1st & 2nd respectivley.

    However the gap is closing and we now have a crazy period of fixtures which will really test your full XV as numerous regulars are rotated and rested. (i for one am in trouble...with Bennett being dropped for Wolves i now have 3 non-starters on my bench!)

    Remember there will also be another Wild Card opportunity in January as well so still plenty of time & opportunity for big gains and lossess...good luck!

  • *** End of December Update ***

    Well that was a crazy month. 6 rounds of fixtures and a number of players having serious turns of form (both good and bad)...particularly in Manchester! Congrats to anyone who got Pogba / Rashford in early.

    A massive month for Patrick J who easily did the best in December with over 400 points. The next best was over 30 points behind.

    That was enough to bring him up to 2nd place overall (worth £500 at the end of the season) and only 11 points off the £1k for getting 1st place which is still currently held by Matt F.

    January should be a bit more relaxed and may provide some interesting new players to consider transferring in.

    Good luck!

  • It’s been a crazy month! The early gamble on PP provided dividends.

    Who is RichardXl - just randomly turned up in the league this morning? He’s not eligible for prizes right?

    Anyone still in the cup? I’m still hanging on in there!

  • Sky Fantasy football already have it set up for you to start money leagues. Just need a Sky bet account and away you go. They hold onto the prize money and dont take a cut.

  • @CheesyG

    Yeah not sure who that Richard guy is but he has been removed! Thanks for pointing that out. I was straight out of the cup, had one of my 1st weeks when they started it, nevermind.


    Wish the official FPL did that - can't stand the Sky system but good of them to introduce a proper payment system. Just for the record...i don't take a cut either!

  • @Matt-FI Yeah not a great fan of the sky one. Purely doing it for the money leagues. FPL need to get it set up as much better layout.

  • *** End of January Update ***

    Great month for Theo C - accumulating a respectable 249 points in January. David C was only 1 point behind, and Lewis P taking 3rd place with a great score of 241.

    It wasn't enough to bring them into the top 3 overall positions though. A bit of movement at the top saw Patrick J (1551 points) leapfrog Matt F (1529) with Joe Parker in 3rd on 1480 points.

    Only 4 rounds of fixtures in February due to a short month and the FA Cup 5th round. Still plenty of time for people to manoeuvre themselves into position for the £1,000 & £500 cash prizes. Best of luck to all!

  • Well done Theo. A lot of people holding onto chips - run in is going to be close!

  • *** February / March update ***

    A somewhat tricky month for many with player rotation having an impact along with some of the big names under-performing (from an FPL perspective).

    That didn't stop Patrick J from racking up a huge score of 287 in February to cement his lead at the top of the pack. Also some great February scores from Adam M, Daniel C & Shanel T - all over 240 points for the month!

    It will be a real challenge for any of the chasing pack to catch-up with Patrick now. He is almost 100 points in'front of 2nd placed Matt F as we enter the business end of the season and looks odds-on to win the £1,000 prize. However, several players look like they have a good chance of winning the £500 2nd place prize!

    1. Patrick J - 1839 points
    2. Matt F - 1747
    3. Shanel T - 1739
    4. Theo C - 1684
    5. Joe P - 1679
    6. Mark H - 1675
    7. David C - 1643
    8. Pete M - 1635

    The next 7 are below the 1600 point mark - big challenge to get back into the prize positions from there.

    Good luck!

  • 1839 is very impressive, not far off top 1k. i'd be just beating you at the moment tho Matt :)

  • I know this post was a while ago but I would definitely be down if you can get it sorted for the next season?
    How did the league for this season turn out, was it a success or could you not figure a way to do it?

  • Well played all. I’m totally fixed on stats and tips currently!! This month was a lottery with the form - very difficult to navigate. Changed Pogba to Higuain captain 10 mins from deadline this week!

    Still think 1st is up for grabs. Chasing group all have chips in hand which looks crucial after FA cup results and the blanks everywhere.

    Question is to free hit 31 or 32?! Still undecided :D

    Good luck in March all!

  • you've got 7/8 players for 31? i'd give you some advice, but wouldn't want to annoy your opponents :p

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