Fantasy Premier League (FPL) High Rollers!

  • *** End of January Update ***

    Great month for Theo C - accumulating a respectable 249 points in January. David C was only 1 point behind, and Lewis P taking 3rd place with a great score of 241.

    It wasn't enough to bring them into the top 3 overall positions though. A bit of movement at the top saw Patrick J (1551 points) leapfrog Matt F (1529) with Joe Parker in 3rd on 1480 points.

    Only 4 rounds of fixtures in February due to a short month and the FA Cup 5th round. Still plenty of time for people to manoeuvre themselves into position for the £1,000 & £500 cash prizes. Best of luck to all!

  • Well done Theo. A lot of people holding onto chips - run in is going to be close!

  • *** February / March update ***

    A somewhat tricky month for many with player rotation having an impact along with some of the big names under-performing (from an FPL perspective).

    That didn't stop Patrick J from racking up a huge score of 287 in February to cement his lead at the top of the pack. Also some great February scores from Adam M, Daniel C & Shanel T - all over 240 points for the month!

    It will be a real challenge for any of the chasing pack to catch-up with Patrick now. He is almost 100 points in'front of 2nd placed Matt F as we enter the business end of the season and looks odds-on to win the £1,000 prize. However, several players look like they have a good chance of winning the £500 2nd place prize!

    1. Patrick J - 1839 points
    2. Matt F - 1747
    3. Shanel T - 1739
    4. Theo C - 1684
    5. Joe P - 1679
    6. Mark H - 1675
    7. David C - 1643
    8. Pete M - 1635

    The next 7 are below the 1600 point mark - big challenge to get back into the prize positions from there.

    Good luck!

  • 1839 is very impressive, not far off top 1k. i'd be just beating you at the moment tho Matt :)

  • I know this post was a while ago but I would definitely be down if you can get it sorted for the next season?
    How did the league for this season turn out, was it a success or could you not figure a way to do it?

  • Well played all. I’m totally fixed on stats and tips currently!! This month was a lottery with the form - very difficult to navigate. Changed Pogba to Higuain captain 10 mins from deadline this week!

    Still think 1st is up for grabs. Chasing group all have chips in hand which looks crucial after FA cup results and the blanks everywhere.

    Question is to free hit 31 or 32?! Still undecided :D

    Good luck in March all!

  • you've got 7/8 players for 31? i'd give you some advice, but wouldn't want to annoy your opponents :p

  • @CheesyG Yeah its all about close calls - great shout on Higuain! I took Aubameyang out last week and was 50/50 on Higuain or Arnautovic...went for the latter :S. Not sure on FH yet but probably 32 for me!

    @Keegan-s-Bluff I look forward to seeing you in the league next year!

  • @NewUser265486 It has been great fun this season. We had 15 people signing up which i am very happy with for a newly setup league. That meant £1k for 1st and £500 for 2nd. Everyone paid into a paypal pool that i manage and the money is sitting ready to pay out to the winners once the final places are confirmed.

    I reckon next season we will have over 50 people which means bigger prizes & more positions pad out, and possibly some monthly prize to keep it interesting for more people for longer.

  • Yeah reckon we could get a load of new people. Definately in for next year! When you think it equates to £2-3 per w/end it’s great value for entertainment!

  • I’d be interested for next season guys 👍

  • Very interesting month. Now with the unenviable task of defending all of your chips surges in April 😂🤞

    Well played Shanel you are on in red hot form 🔥🔥🔥

  • Sorry forgot to do an update at the end of March! But @CheesyG summed it up...Shanel T has absolutely smashed it to position himself in 2nd (at the expense of yours truly) and is catching up with Patrick J.

    Very much a 3 horse race now for the top 2 prize money spots.

    Chip season is in full swing, plenty more to come in the form of wildcards, bench boosts and triple captains. Going to be an exciting end to the competition! Good luck.

  • Wow that GW was crazy!! Brighton 😮😮😮

  • Yeah went all in on Brighton. 3 defenders (including captain) is effectively 8 players (since they all layers twice) and they got me 4 points...unbelievable. Inspired choice by Patrick J to transfer and captain Moura.

    Turns out across the game that people who DIDN'T wildcard outperformed those that DID - so unusual. Next game-week is massive!

  • My money all goes in Football index just :)

  • I’d be up for next year. What’s the overall rank of the leader out of interest ?

  • Crazy Matt. When I saw my team without wildcard I was 99% sure I was going to get smashed. Like you say turns out wasting my wildcard early on was a positive move. The last few weeks haven’t rewarded patient managers at all.

    Still time for a turnaround but I would be very disappointed not to get something back now!!

    It’s tougher on you to be honest. Been top 2 all season I swear. I wildcarded basically your team GW2 when you were at the top and I was 9th haha!!

    I’m currently top - overall rank 380 but it’s a freakishly lucky season for me, too 10,000 normally my target.

  • @CheesyG
    Nice one

  • So we are finally heading into the last FPL gameweek of the season. It has been a particularly interesting season - but the cash prizes for the Football Index High Rollers League is all but decided.

    Patrick J, aka @CheesyG , has dominated for the last few months and will almost certainly be rewarded with a deserved cash prize of £1,000! Rooting for you to finish in top top 1k players worldwide. Good luck this weekend!

    Shanel T looks set to take 2nd place and a nice £500 cash this weekend. What a run it has been since Christmas - truly inspired transfers, chips and captain choices and if the season was a a few weeks longer you could have no doubt won! Also good luck this weekend to maintain a top 5k finish.

    I'll provide a final update (and payment confirmations!) when game-week 38 has been officially finalised as per the FPL website.

    Matt FI

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