Time For Trackers 📈

  • Thoughts please?

    1. Sky deal
    2. On the front of Bristol Rovers kits
    3. Talksport coverage #john motson
    4. Billboards on buses & tubes

    Can anybody else agree that next season we really are gonna achieve new dizzy heights with all the above in motion. Both old and new ploughing into the platform.

    Would now or maybe August 2nd after a few drops here and there be a great time to invest in trackers? My gut feeling is yes. There’s not a lot people can do wrong at the moment, it’s just gonna grow.

  • @Rosco8P6Coltrane The players I buy are for the future so it doesn't make a difference for me when I invest as people are investing heavily in the bigger players right now and avoiding mine until they are proven.
    I think if you want to buy the bigger players then wait until they drop again slightly and then go in.

  • Personally I think the way they do trackers means there is no good time for them. Better to pick the players yourself, because the tracker isn't a rolling top 10, for example, just 1 share in each of the current top players.

  • @Rosco8P6Coltrane fully agree! There is only one way and thats up. I say that since years (also during the time where everyone was expecting a crash (except me :-) - which never happened). The time proves me right :-). I expect the footie at 30.000 at the start of the PL season.

  • @HappyLarry59855 im the same for my youngsters. In my youngsters all below 20 years I’ve had a 10% increase over the last 5 days. Very happy with this and I won’t be flipping as I will be sticking to my 2 year plan with them.

  • @Rosco8P6Coltrane what about on the side of UBER taxis they are taking over my mrs drives for them and I think she would get her cab done up in their colours for a little contribution to her insureance

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