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  • Hello all! Question from a relatively new user as chat not available on website:

    Hello, how can I spend my balance so that it shows as zero? Yesterday and today deposited two sums and wish to reach zero in my balance to claim the full 10% offer. I am down to £0.67 and cannot buy a share for £0.67 without depositing more. What do I need to do? (my balance was not exactly zero before the offer window so might I be ok?) How can I be sure?

    Hope someone can help me.

  • If it had say 10p in previously and now you have 1p you will be fine

  • Why will it not allow me to reach zero? Is that to protect against price movement glitches? Are other people not going to have the similar problems?

  • @NewUser147385 why can’t you buy a player for 66p. Plenty of squad players to bring your balance down

  • It’s just a glitch. Try hitting buy max instead; that sometimes work.

  • @Kev-R happy to but I won't be able to buy someone at 1p if £0.00 is my required balance.

  • I think you wil always have to have a balance of a single penny (1p). So if you deposited £100 Bang on, you may need to deposit a further very small amount and get your spend to the £100 Mark. Maybe....

  • @playingcards1 Thank you for your reply. :) Tried that, and also on the app (as opposed to laptop) same problem.

  • I think you maybe frustrated as 1p from experience is what the system means you have to have. If you don’t mind me saying so, a bit OCD although I have tried ...

  • @Happy-Hornet Hehe! I can live with 1p its just a question of not disqualifying myself! I know there was some figure in there beforehand. The deposits were a round number though and so I am trying to be sure they will not count this 1p or 67p as money of those deposits not spent as the offer requires! Sorry to have to ask on here as help chat is understandably down at the moment.

  • @NewUser147385 You must have had at least 1p balance before, so buy someone for 66p. Job Done!!

  • So am I right in assuming nobody is able to get to £0.00 on their balance then?

  • @NewUser147385 I did, deposited new money, bought what I wanted, was left with 4.10. Bought some random for 2.05 x 2! Instead of showing 00.00, the balance box just read ‘deposit’.

    This was on iPhone app

  • I’ve had zero before. I have ‘bought max’ like @playingcards1 suggested. But if it doesn’t work then you’ll need to try chat again or deposit another £10 so it’s officially over £100 spent

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